is there anywhere I can get a white corps belt from

Discussion in 'RLC' started by mattrlc, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. Totally forgot about picking one up, ive gotta dig the 2's out on the 6th of july, failing any of the lads having one I can use for the day is there anywhere I can pick one up. Been on the net and the only place ive found is upto 4 weeks delivery on it. Many thanks
  2. Matt, try these guys out. They are the cat's whiskers mate.
  3. cheers for the helpful reply, dicklips.
  4. Oh dear! You clicked on a link that said "" and thought there was actually a site or business dedicated to white belts and have the gumption to call me dicklips?

    I think not sweetcheeks, pray me cuntfeatures if you like. Fact of the matter is your admin is shit and you posted a message to the world advertising the fact that you are a practitioner of 'badmin' - now fuck off, dry your eyes and get tipexing your corps belt you fuckin biff! I fully expect to see a post from you going along the lines of "totally to forgot to pick one up on my way out and I have a CLP to go on, on the 6th. Can anyone tell me where I can get a green corps rifle?"

    Shouldn't your signature read

  5. Have you tried your QMs or RPs?
  6. It would have been my first port of call usually but im 300 miles from my unit away on course. Problem hopefully sorted though thankyou theres a lad who was leant one to get married with, he is fetching it back for me after the weekend hopefully
  7. Thankfully the people I work with arnt arrogant pieces of sh1t like your fine self. Jog on.
  8. Ignore BPS, he is old, crusty and tends to get angry really easy.
    Also he is posting a lot more on here than he used to, so that is telling me that he has all his minions recalibrated, now he has taken over his new workplace.
  9. Touched a nerve have I? Did the nasty man call you nasty names and use nasty words?

    See that cat in the video I posted? That's you, that is.

    Sh1t? What is sh1t?.........oh you mean shit!!!! Well that's it then, someone's called me a piece of shit. Life has no further joy for me now that it has been established that I'm a piece of shit. Uh.....hang's still fine. Wages are in the bank. The sun's up and life's looking rosey. I still feel the same as I did before I became an internet shit, so thank you but, no thanks I will not be jogging on.

    Seriously though, you can do better than 'sh1t' and 'jog on'. No wonder trogs get such a bad name. You sound just like CH90210. When he's angry he says thigs like "blinking flip" and "flipping Nora". He's even been known to say "bugger" but that was a long time ago. So in the spirits of your sentiments I will retort with

  10. Trog? what a very misguided man you are
  11. Stacker?
  12. mattrlc, you have fallen into the trap of being up your own arse.

    If you can't take a joke, don't post on ARRSE.

    For future reference if you hover over the hyperlink it gives you the file path, so you will be able to make your own judgement as to click on it or not. If it's linked to youtube I really wouldn't bother.
  13. Dingerr dont stop it. You know BPS was just starting, this could of been fun! :twisted: