Is there anything i can do?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DanC, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. I had a letter explaining that the fact i had "indegestion" was a problem with my medical, i have been sitting for he past hour trying to remember when the hell i had "indegesion" then i remembered months ago i went to the doctors because i had bad dandruff LOL! Anyway whilst i was there i remember saying something to him about a weird feeling i had in my stomach and so he prescribed me some indegestion tablets but the feeling went away and i never even took the tablets. So is there anything i can do to prove i dont have it? It was a simple feeling that lasted about an hour and i've never ever felt it again
  2. The reasons for people being rejected as medically unfit are becoming ridiculous.

    I'd like to think this was a wah but I'm afraid it probably isn't....
  3. I dont know,see some of his other posts. Seen a shrink, bad dandruff, indegestion, think he is falling apart :lol:
  4. Lmao scarletto i am fine now :p Few problems in the past you know ha i can assure u im fine haha .. and anybody care to explain what wah means
  5. WAAH!
  6. Whats it mean man seriously?
  7. Oh come on, this must be a Wah! Otherwise look it up...initiative and all that.
  8. **** sake .. Doesn't matter
  9. We all suffer from indigestion from time to time, it's that rough feeling you sometimes have in your stomach and chest when you have eaten something. You normally take a Rennie or something to get rid of the acids that are causing it.

    It may be that they have confused your indigestion for "Chronic indigestion" which my aunt used to suffer from. Trust me, a person who suffers from chronic indigestion is in no way fit for military service if her experience is anything to go by. It causes immense pain and bloating and you wouldn't want to be running, tabbing or doing anything else while feeling like this. It disrupts your sleep pattern and often forces you to eat at specific times and specific foods and take anti acid tablets.

    Basically you do not have a robust constitution if you have this condition even if its not a fatal or dangerous one and the dietary requirements aren't something the army can (Or should have to) cater for.

    If you don't have this go and see your recruitment office and tell them what you have told us. They might make you get another doctors report stating you don't have this condition in which case you should be good to go.
  10. Thanks for your help man.
  11. Its been explained on here countless times regarding any medical rejection letter or further information regarding illnesses an applicant has had in the past. Your Recruiter will tell you if you see them exactly the same as there hands are tied.

    You have to go in and see your GP and show him the medical rejection letter and ask him to review the findings. If he believes that the medical wing at the ADSC have wrong information or that he feels they have mis understood what he wrote on the RG8 he can write a letter of appeal to the address on the top of the letter (SMO ADSC). Lots of these cases are cleared up through these appeal letters or through specialist advise. There has to be guidelines to any application for any job and a lot of decisions are over turned when the correct information is given but if its a problem that can cause you injury or expense when you get in then they try and prevent beforehand.
  12. As with anything you may not understand or want to look into further, just check the arrsepedia!

    Fookin' yoof these days... :roll:
  13. Dude to be honest i didn't even know there was an ARRSEpedia i have only been coming on a few times and only came on for the forums, I never looked around the rest of the site so can't really blame me huh lol and thanks The_Iron
  14. Balls. You are talking out of your hole and you havent even joined yet.

    I had it for 10 years while serving and still have it, and rejoined with it. Excess stomach acid or acid reflux is easily treated with a daily tablet (a proton pump inhibitor). I served on Ops, exercises etc, cambrian patrols and never had a problem. I know of several others the same. Some may say that you shouldnt serve if you have to take a tablet every day and you cant function as a soldier blah blah. Then I would suggest that they too are talking balls. Many soldiers (especially the older ones( are functioning and taking a tablet a day for their ailments and it isnt a problem.

    Get your doctor to appeal.