Is there anybody out there?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 25, 2006.

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    I had no idea Warminster was UFO central. Like, wow dude. Can't say I've ever seeen any mysterious lights out on the SPTA , but maybe you know different?.....

  2. I could have sworn I saw a strange halo around the GMEX centre yesterday.
  3. Thanks MM,
    Love the link

    Never thought of myself as a bunker nut, but they are fascinating

    The last time I went into a bunker (With the exception of North Howard St Mill and Bessbrook Mill) was about 25 years ago in Normandy and a Dutch Paedophile put his hand on me and my dad chinned him.

    I've always thought these places attract these people and tended to keep away from them.

    However, maybe they would be worth a look?
  4. I often visit this site, there are some as you say some fascinating bunkers out there. I used to stay right next to the former DM Dean Hill in Wiltshire. Thanks to this site, I can see the entire compound in and out!.
  5. Why do you think you can never get a mobile signal there...they are all being sucked into an MoD-created electromagentic vortex. 8O
  6. It used to make me laugh at the Dean Hill Site. A big comms tower ontop of the hill with a little sign that said " Property of NTL" Yehhh alright!!
  7. run to the hills because

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  8. could DI55 possibly be a sort of dyslexic DISS?

  9. I think it's the Chavspeak version.
  10. A story about the MOD covering things up - just fancy that!
  11. Do not concern yourselves, it is being addressed.

  12. As PTP says nothing to be concerned about at all.

    Everybody move along quietly to the next thread please
    [​IMG] Just move along now please, in the morning you won't even remember this thread was here