Is there anybody out there?

Is anybody going to post anything on this thread eventually? If not, why not? I know that there was some "difficulties" regarding ARRSE and the Corps recently, but for f**ks sake lets start showing some signs of life again.
Sheriff, they always say " when you can't see  the indians, then that's the time to worry......

Well, there ain't no sheriff moderating this forum and the cavalry are all in their fort just now.  So perhaps this is a self regulating part of arrse.

I did speak to the Corps RSM about this forum last week: the Arrse ground rules are the only ones that apply here:

DONT clearly identify anyone, especially in a derogatory context.  Apart from that crack on!

I came late, to Arrse just as Mushroom's famous post was just published.  Aside from the damage to the individuals, that post did us all no credit, in front of the rest of this community.

Had there been a moderator here, a prompt deletion and a quiet word to Mushroom could have saved the day.  

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I'm sure we can all learn from that.  Just do what you would do in any other context: look after your mates and the cavalry can stay in their fort.

( except those in DI 24 jobs, you'll have to watch your own backs???)  
< now a car park:


So what have they done to the mess at Ay Nik then?

I had the dubious pleasure of being on the amalgamation parade when we took over 33SU and boy were the bluejobs unhappy-apparently their CO left the platform after his farewell sppech at their party to the comedians anthem---the sound of his own footsteps.
That was without a doubt the best Mess I ever got thrown out of  8)
Secret Squirrel didn't last long then?

apparently his hobby got in the way, he ran off with Blonde Bint's 10 year old daughter.

Speak softly and hope they keep you in solitary

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