Is there any truth to this incident

Discussion in 'REME' started by Dogwatch, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Feckin hell Pal....

    Your as bad as the Knob who told that sad tale if you believe Sh!t like that!!!

    No wonder you opted to use "Newb" login

    "Journo Alert Methinks"

  2. Well said matey...
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Never heard of this one - sounds like BS to me.

    Take it from me, if this were true then we would have heard of this by now, big style. And anyway, whjo are these 'French Fascists'? Sounds even more like US BS.
  4. Not a journo,did 6 years in the mob, just wanted to know if there was any truth in the report.
  5. Pure fiction, you don’t really think a British soldier would stand by and watch a Frog give his mate a kicking :?
    We hate the French :twisted:
  6. Bo llocks.
  7. Fcuk me mate, then you should know better!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. What an utter retard. This is drivel! :x
  9. Do find this rather hard to believe(some cwazy wodneys out there)would have thought they'd have wapped these wapscallions with their ossifer canes.--Some of the "pigs" I've come across were worse than the blokes.Sounds like poo.--If not,needshot.
  10. Not a chance. They would have killed the frog nazi's.
  11. Utter b0llocks. The "officerish" thing to do in order to comply with fluffy regulations would have surely have been to have intervened in order to keep the peace in the same law abiding fashion that a civilian in the same situation would be expected to.

    This would have been, of course, by using "reasonable force" to detain the attackers and effect a citizens arrest.

    I have a "colleague" (I won't call him a mate seen as he has bought a house in france and learnt the language) that happened to stray round to my house tonight and I asked him about this (I've just got rid of him after he bored me about how really nice the frogs actually are). Apparently french law practically insists that you "help people in need" and has no problems with civilians intervening to prevent crimes in action. Therefore, they could have wailed in (reasonably, of course), prevented the crime, detained the criminals, kept within the laws of the country and not bought the Army into disrepute.

    Even if it wasn't legal, any officer who stood and watched this would know that the little red light in the corner of their eyes was the career dissipation light. What if the guy had been killed whilst they stood by and watched? After all, are you lot (not me, I've retired to be a fat civvy) not fighting men?

    An urban myth, a shyte one in one way that it is unbelievable to a soldier and a good one in another way that it is guaranteed to get the blood boiling. It's a good "them and us" tale, nothing else.
  12. This is no doubt utter rubbish and would never have happened. There is no way on this earth that any british soldier, no matter what rank or any regt or corps would stand by and watch one of his own be filled in by anyone, let alone a frenchman.

    The only reason i read this story to the end is because i know there used to be a RM SNCO based in the Bn at Paderborn and he used to run the JMC's there.

    Regardless, this would never happen........
  13. But a good excuse nevertheless to go and shoe in frenchies and hate officers ;0

    now I wonder if that may have been some ones intent in the first place?
  14. I spoke this RM (ex 3 Bat) shorty after the incident and to my knowledge there were no REME there, he was actually visiting his farm which was in the next village. According to his account, he was actually jumped in the bogs when no one else was present. He did get a kicking though and was out for revenge.....good luck smilier.