Is there any adopt a british Soldier programe?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a Soldiers Angel of the Soldiers Angel Foundation.
    Anyway, there are many people that would love to take care or adopt some British Soldiers as well, is there any "adopt a soldier" programe for British Soldiers that are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq?

    Thanks for your help :D

    Tankers Angel
  2. What a wonderful idea. I don't know if it's entirely suited to the way the British serviceman thinks but it's a lovely gesture for you to ask.
  3. Thank you :D

    Well I am not used to the British Traditions so how to support British Soldiers as best ?
    Are there any Organisations or Foundations?
    Like Soldiers Angel, or Any Soldiers?
    Something like a Letter Writing Programe perhaps? If there is anything like that, I'd be more than honored to join the programe :)
  4. The battle group taking over from the Scots DG BG (and God knows they need a rest now) is the Queen's Royal Hussars (Queen's Own and Royal Irish). anyone sending 'small' parcels from the UK may do so free. Books CD's DVD's etc are welcome. Letters and cards and parcels may be sent to:

    The Adjutant
    Queen's Royal Hussars BG
    Op Telic 8
    BFPO 660

    (these are mostly Irishmen and lads from Birmingham, England)

    If you're writing from the US you will probably have to pay unless you can come to an agreement with your postal service.

    I'm not sure who the infantry or other arms with the battlegroup are but I do know that recce is by the Queen's Dragoon Guards. These are mostly young Welshmen.

    I'm 100% sure that other lads on the website will point you in the right direction for other arms.
  5. Thank you very much. Well I would write from Germany and in this case it does not make any difference if I write to the US Troops or the British Army. There are Flatrate Boxes and since it is Fieldmail it will only cost 6 Euros, regardless where the fieldmail is going to. But it is good to know for my German Friend who lives in the UK and wants to support the British Army as well.

    Thank you for the Information and it would be nice to know more about it :)
  6. Angel there's a sensible limit about what can be posted on a public website, or to people we don't know, no matter how good their intentions. I'm sure you'll appreciate that? What may be of help is the Army's own website if you do a search for Op Telic 8 you'll find details of who is going out and how to assist in their welfare.
  7. Oh I totally understand about Opsec and Persec. Thank you for the site :)

    All of us deal with sensitive information and we have to make sure that we keep our boys 'nd girls safe, so no worries, I totally understand.
  8. Very noble and good of you - everyone appreciates getting mail, i'm sure your thoughts and kind words will help the boys out there, it's nice to know they aren't forgotten.
  9. Nice idea Angel, Try for more info on sending correspondence to UK troops. I,m pretty sure there will be guys & girls thankfull for your support.

    Regards LT.

  10. Well, may no Soldier ever be forgotten.

    @Lone Tree: Thanks for the link, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot. :)
  11. There was something like this for British Soldiers can't remember who was doing it though. I was given the details of a soldier to contact which I did and asked if they needed anything or wanted anything sending out - least I could do as hubby was safe and sound in UK. However, never got a reply (or details of any more soldiers) :(
  12. Oh that is something that happens very often.

    My official adopted for example is of the 1st BN 17th In REGT.
    The first time I've sent something was a Halloween Package and almost a five site long letter, he wrote back. A 8 site long letter. I kept on sending stuff to him and his troopers every month, letters and packages but only got three emails back. They sometimes have no time, sometimes not even pens or a piece of paper. They love reading letters but just have no time to answer back unless they have a computer job and can get online like my other official adopted.

    I work with another Angel from Cali and we have an adopted that is Special Forces, it is worse with him because he really needs some Tender Loving Care. He has seen the most worse things someone can think about.

    It doesn't mean that they do not like to get back, they just can't get back for some reason, but they appreciate and love every letter they get.

    Some carry a little box with them and have all the letters in it and pick them to read them over and over and over again. Handwritten are very important, they also smell the letters and try to imagine where they are written. In the kitchen or in a restaurant, outside.. and and and...

    Don't know if it is the same with the British, but my experience is that a Soldier is a Soldier doesn't matter where they come from :wink:
  13. Nice idea, we had "random" mail sent out to us on Granby and Grapple and I can still remember the wording of the first one I ever read.

    Good for morale and totally harmless.

    Good luck.
  14. Ditto! However, as I understand it, BFPO does not now accept "any soldier" mail.

    British Forces Post Office - FAQs
  15. The simple answer is to send it to the Adjt, Regt'l/Coy/Sqn etc Clk, addressed as:

    Company Clerk
    A Coy
    1 Blankshires
    Ip TELIC

    On an Inner envelope (doesn't work with Blueys!)

    "Please give this to any soldier who wants a friendly contact" (sort of thing)

    We got a couple of those on TELIC 1 with goody parcels (strangely only from USA - nothing from British wellwishers!!) whilst based at As Saliyah with the US forces.