Is there an operational case for police diversity?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. This thread might quickly descend into another slanging match about immigration but it’s worth posting anyway.

    I found this article interesting.,,1743755,00.html

    Top police officers are admitting that they have failed to convince their own staff of the benefits of greater assimilation of minority groups. For example:

    I think almost everyone sees it as purely a PC initiative. But if you look at it objectively I’m sure there is an operational case buried in there somewhere. The trouble is, I've never heard anyone explain it. I’d be interested to hear the views of other people, especially serving or ex-policemen (and I know there are quite a few on here).

    Comments please?
  2. It's hardly surprising, have a look at some of the police websites. They can't get enough coloured people in their adverts. Check out some of the career profiles as well, just about every 'Diversity Officer' advertised is black. Is it a pre requisite for the job? The Met are the worst for it. From their adverts, you wouldn't think they employed white people at all. Mind you, it's politics which has created this monster, that and 'career minded' senior staff both within the Police themselves and in the Police Staff. Lots of people have created little niches for themselves out of this 'diversity' thing and most of them are white. I appreciate that 'diversity' encompasses more issues than that of race, but the police have been falling over themselves in some cases to recruit as many ethnics as they can. A good site to look at is the Black Police Officers website. It explains the difference between 'positive action' and 'positive discrimination' and it does it very well. Such a shame that the white Human Resources (you may know them from before as 'Personnel'), haven't taken the time to read the story from a black persons viewpoint. Black people are just as sick of this sh*te as white people.
  3. Take a look at the latest Report for Coydon Primary Care Trust.

    With one exception, the faces on the front cover are all female ethnic minority nurses. The exception is a white female dressed as a clerical worker.

    From that picture, I would get the impression that there are no male nurses, and that all the nurses are from ethnic minorities.

    The front cover is driven by Political Correctness. "Look at us! We're a good employer! We're ethnically aware!" is the advert. Just a shame it's discriminating against the male nurses and the white nurses.

    Political Correctness had a time and a place in history, that was both relevant and timely. Without being forced, there are some communities (and the police and military are two of them) which would have kept rejecting minorities for no reason other than skin colour.

    Now I feel that the balance is beginning to tip the other way. It's now pandering to minorities, rather than maintaining a level playing field.

    And as Biscuits said above, it's keeping people in jobs. Bureaucrats don't give up niche jobs without a fight.
  4. As a white person working in Human Resources or Managment, you can create a very prosperous career in the promotion of 'diversity', then at the end of the day, you can drive home in your German saloon car to your nice 4 bedroomed house in your nice white middle classed suburban development and watch black people starving on TV.

    These same white people are in my experience, spineless, self centred, devious b*stards, who have crept and toadied their way up into those positions and who truly couldn't give a sh*t about ethnics, gays, lesbians or single mums. Those are the people who live on the council estates which they drive past on their way to work.
  5. From the heart there Biscuits_AB. I know what you mean.

    But what about the operational benefits alluded to previously? Would it really help to have more black/Asian/whatever policemen/women? I know that it wouldn't where I live, because it's a little all-white village in the hills and we only have a police presence once a year. London though, or Leicester, or Slough... perhaps they might be different. I don't know.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    In line with EU Policy 235 and in conjunction with the amalgamation of five regional Forces to form an East Midlands Police Service, a PC-PC Awareness Committee has been formed

    The role of the PC-PC Awareness Committee will primarily be to ensure Police constables (PC) become and remain Politically Correct (PC) hence PC-PC. It is envisaged however, that the Committee's role will also cover Sergeants and Inspectors. With this in mind the Committee acknowledges the potential need for such similar bodies and would embrace and respect such a committee should one be formed. Consideration is already being given to creating such a committee, the Police Inspectors & Sergeants Sub-Committee (PISS)

    The PC-PC Awareness Committee has a five-year action plan that has been discussed in a voluntary, non-confrontational, non-gender bias environment. The requirement to tackle ALL Politically Incorrect behaviour in the workplace has been highlighted. This will also remove the existence of humour and tomfoolery from the work environment. Any persons found to be involved in the pursuit of fun will be disciplined accordingly resultant of PC-PCAC findings.

    Within five years, all Police officers and civilian staff must be;

    a. Non-gender specific but recognising all genders as equals

    b. Non-sexual but recognising all forms of sexuality

    c. Non-race specific but recognising all races and mixed-races including multiple mixed-race backgrounds

    d. Non-religious but not only recognising all religions but having a full, in-depth knowledge of all religions

    The aforementioned staff should also deal with colleagues and members of the public in way appropriate not to highlight the following:

    Height, Weight, Body Mass, Hair Style, Hair Colour, Eyes including number, colour and shape, Vehicle owned, House resided within, Name, Age, Date Of Birth, Place Of birth, Favourite Colour, Hobbies & Interests, Favourite Number, Peanut-Intolerances, TV Programmes watched, educational background, abillitee to do speling, Driving Licence details, What they are doing with the large bag marked Swag whilst climbing out of Jewellery shop window at 2am, Amusing middle names such as Geoffrey, in fact anything blatantly obvious POTENTIALL Y specific to an individual or specific to 99% of the general population.

    Due to potential offence arising from any language/vocabulary, all language/vocabulary has been considered Politically Incorrect. As such all persons MUST be addressed with just a nod UNLESS they are visually impaired or missing a head and/or neck. Those persons within the criteria highlighted MUST be addressed in a non-specific, accent-less grunt

    (Officers should use discretion if they feel nodding or grunting may not be appropriate for an individual or group. Any complaints arising from an officer's actions will be pursued by the internal complaints procedure)

    This memorandum acknowledges the rights of all other memorandums, past, present and future. The contents of this memorandum were submitted without any intention of offence or bias and acknowledges the rights of all groups and those who choose not to be pigeonholed into a group. The reference to 'Pigeonholed' is a non-sexual reference and any Inference of such is non-intentional with specific prior apologies. This memorandum acknowledges that holes are not specific to pigeons and other birds and creatures may also have the right to have a hole.
  7. I know the sort well.

    Know of a woman who works for a local council,who encourages diversity within museums in respect to what they display (local history museum) during a local history week, the focus predominantly encompassed the history of ethnic minorities within the area. Fine by me, if anything it made a change from quite dated exhibits.
    She stated the exhibition content was designed to raise cultural and racial awareness, then a month or so later called the police when she found her daughter in bed with a black man.
  8. theres a good operational need if the town or district you police has a high ethnic minority population has a police that reflects that then less trouble on the streets,few years down the line you have hopefully coppers who can go undercover and deal with ethnic based bad guys. no point having a load of white blokes in cid if there local bad guys hang out in ethnic based gangs :(
    diverstiy should sort itself out in a few years but if there is a distinct lack of brown faces its always going to b hard to get enough recruits in that stick and make a career out of it :(
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: