Is there an interesting job anywhere?

Having just left the Army 5 months ago I walked into a job in Civvi street that on paper looked the bees knees but in reality waiting for a delayed flight in BIA is more interesting. Ive done 9 years, 7 op tours and I would be more than grateful if anyone can advise of any companies that offer interesting (Security, PSD etc) work anywhere in the world.
try googling crg, aegis, armourgroup etc etc etc............
There is a different route to the usual suspects. Spent 6 months last year in south east asia working for a conservation NGO in law enforcement.This basically meant living down in a local village with indigenous military police ( not same as monkeys but an independent police unit like the french gendameries ) and carrying out deep jungle patrols in the fight against illegal logging and the animal trade(a close third behind arms and drugs in terms of revenue) Have own AO which is stupidly big but also some good assets helo,xbikes,4x4,speedboat etc but no comms on patrol!!
I dont hug trees and was going to that part of the world anyway but got the job by chance. There were 4 patrol bases but when I left only 2 westerners so I basically run 2 of them. Money is ok ( fantastic in the country based ) and pretty much your own boss. Interesting and exciting ( arrest OPs, contacts,ambushes etc) plus a spot on part of the world and some top fun to be had on leave!!!! :wink:

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