Is there an employment agency for Ex UK Armed Forces Members

Because I would like to know if it is one source or do people have to check multiple sources. I know the RBL helps where is can, but I'm not sure how effective it is for those who have left the services. Is there a company which collates data (CVs etcs) and targets people into particular employment of their choosing.
Yes its called the Regular Forces Employment Agency and can be found on line in the yellow pages and through various other publications. They will help you prepare a C.V. and match jobs to your skills. They do an excellent job and most of the staff are ex military.
Regular forces employment agency is shite, 1 job offer in 6 months, then a nice letter informing me that I was off the list.
Thanks guys,

It seems like this is also an area which could be vastly improved in the UK. Here in the US, although I’m ex British Army, ex US servicemen get priority (providing they are qualified of course) for jobs over those who haven’t served.

The interesting thing about their scheme is that is really has teeth within the civilian sector, job applications for either state or federal jobs have sections for those who served in the military. If you have served then you will be prioritised over those who have not (My Bro in law (ex US 3rd Inf Bn) is an example of how well their system works).
Its just a shame that the UK does not have such a fully integrated system of matching those who leave the AF to civilian jobs, after all I do believe that British soldiers are better educated, and tend to ‘think on their feet’ more than the US (and yes I have said that to my Bro in law).


Had a few emails then nothing!

Does anyone know what they actually do except employ ex officers as jobs for the boys?????

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