Is there an Agony Aunt in the house...

Dear Deidre - I think I'm going gay for guns..

As I was returning from lunch today I found myself bimbling behind a little cutie from the Department of State Protection Team. She is young and gorgeous and I have admired her firm but lumps-in-the-right-place bod under her tight T shirts on many a happy occasion. This time, however, instead of perving over the way her pert little peachy bottom moved so seductively under her pseudo combat trousers... yes they all want it really...the little minxes..., I found my eyes being drawn to the Sig attached to her belt above the upper right quadrant of her arse.

Is there such a thing as being gun gay - and what can I do about it....


Dear Anxious,

There is nothing gay about being attracted to a Sig. Indeed, it suggests severely masculine tendencies, as is evidenced by your enthusiastic and detailed observation of the "little cutie's" other attributes.

Be happy in your appreciation of the finer things in life, and only start worrying when you start admiring fat ladies carring a S&W .38 Spl.
... in their cleavage...
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