Is there a world record for running 10k carrying 25kg?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Had a quick search on Google and guiness book of records but cannot find anything, so as arse is a pretty good font of knowledge:

    Im running in a 10k next month but carry 25kg for charity (does a lot of good work for charity mate!) if there is a record, I have probably as much chance of beating it as I have of leading England out for the world cup final this year but it would be nice to have something to gauge myself against!

    Any one?
  2. I think there may be a few scousers who have beaten that time..................! :D
  3. Carrying a wdescreen dvd freeview TV while running through bootle from the Busyeee's doesnt count Im afraid! :D
  4. In short, I don't know. However there is a guy - Paddy Doyle ex-Para (?) I seemed to recall. Paddy did a lot of runs with loads amongst other physical things, push ups, sit ups etc.

    If such a record exists then he's very likely to be the lad. Sorry just checked it out - 57'.02" (40lbs. weight)
  5. Is that for 10km? A normal CFT would get 10km in 1hour 30mins and most of that is a brisk pace not a run
  6. My bold - Yes, the boy's a flyer :D
  7. What I meant was that seem a bit slow for a record. A hour to do six miles is the same pace to pass the mile and half test with weight in 15 minutes (I can't remember the name) Granted its a quarter of the distance but some people motor round it.
  8. Not sure of how you are working out the maths there. He's done

    10miles with 40 lbs wt. in 1hr.-24mins. (1993)
    6 miles with 56 lbs wt, in 53mins - 45secs. (1999)
  9. I was going of what you wrote

  10. 6 mile = 9.6km

    56lb = 25.4kg

    53 minutes is hardcore!