Is there a wish list?

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Alrite :)

Im heading to pirbright (phase1) in june, im going in as RMP. I just have a quick question and was hoping for insight from some arrsers :p I assume when you join a regiment you choose and then you go...but what happens with corps?

Im pretty sure my careers office said theres some kind of wish list, and you put what brigade you really want on it, and what brigade you really dont want. However, this was way back in september on my first visit, and at the time i had quite alot of information to soak up!

Though the whole designation process could be luck of the draw for all i know. I have my heart set on 16th air assault, so whats the chances that ill get to wear the little blue eagle? :D

Thnx folks
You fill in a posting preference form whilst in Phase Two and Glasgow will simply send you to the oppsoite end of the country to where you asked to go.

If you want to go airbourne you have a high chance of getting it.


Well you will need to join the paras or join a Corps with para Sqn and get posted in to 16AAB.

You need to do a bit more research first chap.
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