Is there a way to reduce creaking knees?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by conure, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. My knees creak when I go into a crouching position, and although it isn't painful it makes me cringe..are there any ways to reduce the noise it makes? I've heard cod liver oil can work, anyone tried it?
  2. Yes, cod liver oil is a help, but you may like to get your knees checked out in case there's an underlying problem with the cartilage / joint socket itself. I suffered creaking cracking knees from a very young age & it was only in my early teens when it became very painful that it was checked out & I was diagnosed with a joint problem.
  3. Well I took the medical at RSC and they said creaking knees isn't a problem, it can hurt if all my weight is on it but only if i dont warm up, as in 'stretch' the knee joint, its never hurt when running or anything, they've creaked all my life and have never caused me a problem, what do you think the best course of action would be? To see a doctor?
  4. I'm not a medic, I can only tell you of my experience, but if you've passed the medical and you're not in pain then I’d say to continue without medical investigation as it was because my medical condition was on record & current that I was prevented from completing the recruitment process. If you experience problems during training, then seek medical advice.

    Ref the cod liver oil tablets, they really do make a difference in my case so try them & see if they help you.
  5. Many a true word said in jest......

    During my NHS days (say 12 years ago) I was taught that WD40 had indeed been used successfully by many elderly patients to treat their rheumatic creaky joints. Apparently many an old dear had tried it with beneficial effects and had written to the company to tell them what a marvellous product it was!!

    Can't ever remember seeing an official trial on it, funnily enough! Something tells me it would only highlight a placebo effect.

    As for creaky joints....I have had such since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and have asked a few orthopaedic (bone experts) types what I could do to stop it. Their answer.....if it isn't hurting then there isn't very much to be done.

    The really annoying thing is that I 'click' when I move so have NO chance of sneaking up on anyone, not that I have very much need at the moment, although one da......Time to quit whilst I am ahead, methinks.

  6. alright everyone, thanks loads for the advice!

  7. And that's why I said WD40. I've sprayed it onto my hands whilst working on the car to combat the stiffness, and it worked! I'm not saying run outside and buy a couple of cans of the stuff and douse yourself it in, but it's a derivative of oil, and what is oil made up of, eh, eh, eh!??! Eh? Clue, used to roam the Earth 1000’s of years ago. I...... thank you!
  8. Cavemen?
  9. Er, close, but no prize ( :lol: )!
  10. Dinosaurs?
  11. My knees and ankles have always clicked since I was a teenager. The thing is, it isn't sore at all, so I'm not bothered. Some running partners think it's pretty freaky though, like running with a bloody metronome.
  12. The winner (but you forgot to add plants, forests, fish, etc but who cares).

    Your prize? A night watching me and Gado getting it ooooon!
  13. My ankles are always creaking as well, the one that freaks people out is when I click my neck though.