Is there a serious lonely hearts site?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Kay9, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Yeah come the abusive people posting now ...
    get a life...
    go out there and meet some-one...
    but just sometimes, there is someone out there who wants to start a friendship, and doesn't want to stand at a bar waiting for all the drunken jerks to say what they'd like to do them when they get them home!

    I would love to meet some-one who has 'a life' and wants to share it.

    Im not young and pretty....I'm in my prime and attractive, well educated, wicked sense of humour, and love nice things in life......
    Hey! I'm no saint...I'm a biker...smoker, drinker and funny. I hate wasting time...that is something that can 'Never' be if anyone wants to chat...over 30 would be sensible... :headbang: ..but what the heck!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Please can you post a picture of your bike?

  3. you can chat to me if you like.
    put a picture up so i know what you look like.
  4. See..I knew I'd weedle you out!

    My bike is a 750honda shadow..and I haven't mastered out how to post piccies yet! So you'll have to wait, Pmsl at your replies though!
  5. check your pm
  6. I have checked my pm's.... but I have to slave over a dinner now...
    and No..I am not married!
    I have read alot of the messages on these sites, and it is nice to see the genuine ones xxx

    Sorry about the delay here...but feeding comes first, then I can reply.
    Please pm me and tell a bit about yourself...I shall look forward to replying on a pm to make it personal.
    I hope this is ok.. :*
  7. Probably but not here, treacle.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    So you are a bit of a chunky?
  9. Careful you're treading on WRAPJOBAGAIN's toes, you know how sensitive he is :wink:
  10. Oh well...thought I'd give it a try....
    I shall just read all your amusing quips as and when....
  11. Ah to the pub...and meet the jerks.....
  12. Get your rat out.
  13. why how big is her rat have you seen it.
  14. If you know they are going to be there..... and you do not like their company.... and going to the pub is not a compulsory activity within your normal daily routine..... then why do you go?

    ....... because you like it, that's why.
  15. :D very good Sammy the cat! I hadn't thought of that....perhaps I wont go to the pub again, looks like my 'rat' ( :cry: ) and I will try elsewhere...
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