Is there a review site that lists laser printer running costs?

I want to buy a small laser printer for domestic use, just for "adequate quality" b/w print runs. Of course laser printers are now like ink jet printers - the printer costs next to nothing, whilst the ink/consumables cost a fortune.

I normally look to sites like Cnet or PC Pro "A List" when I'm shopping around for hardware. Unfortunately, the reviews on these sites seem to be very poor at checking the actual real-world "print cost" for the the hardware they recommend. E.g. PC Pro has the Lexmark C540n as its "A List" recommendation. A quick check with customer reviews and a trip to the local Staples reveals, however, that this printer appears to cost per page up to three times that of other types, not least because it dumps toner during each warm-up.

Does anyone know of a review site that makes a proper assessment of running costs?

Better still, anyone recommend a home office laser printer that has turned out to be reasonably economic?
Secondhand HP LaserJet 4 if you can find one. Bulletproof, cheap ink, 6000 page yield per tank. Bulletproof and very heavy. I've had mine since 1994, never needed a repair. Page counter is over 300,000 as we speak. If and when this one ever breaks, I aquired another one in 2005 for nowt as an HMG disposal.

Edited to add: lots of office disposal LaserJets on eGay for not much money, amny with not a lot of use. I can also recommend the LaserJet 4050 as a robust machine - we had one survive in a site office after the Portakabin was demolished by a runaway JCB Loadall.
Thats a good idea - didn't occur to me to try a cheap refurb of a formerly expensive heavy-duty machine. Has added to the confusion of choice though; I see that a printer refurb company in Slough has about fifty different models on offer...

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