Is there a REME tartan

Discussion in 'REME' started by zippy483, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. As the subject line says is there a REME tartan? If so what is it and as a "retired" member of the corps can I wear it if an occasion to do so should arise?

  2. Yeah, it's olive green with horizontal black oily stripes and vertical egg banjo yellow stripes and the kilt is all creased at the back, like you've been sat on your arrse all day.

    If you want one, go see your ASM
  3. Not reely very manly is it, wearing a gingham skirt accessorized with a furry bum bag and a letter opener shoved down yer sock? Still, each to their own. 8O
  4. it's a fair cop don't know what I was thinking trying to hide my obviously rampant homosexuality behind the facade of what I thought was a reasonable question

  5. I may be pi*sing into the wind with this one, but as the REME is not a Scottish regiment, it seems unlikely. How about a nice pair of septic "plaid" golf "slacks" ? 8O :D
  6. Would they be polyester slacks?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I don't know, but there does seems to be a rather large demand for tartan paint. (Painted on sticky side down, of course).

  8. Hold on a second here, REME and TARTAN? is that not on a par with GARLIC and BREAD? Workshop Muster Parade looks bizzare enough without introducing the concept of checky covvies and a puncture repair kit. Leave the skirt wearing to us gals please, stick to your Overalls and "Can't polish these Sir" boots.
  9. How many scottish Gurkhas have you seen, I beleive some of them wear tartan trews. Also, as a Biritish Citizen you are entitled to wear 'Stewart' Tartan. What about all those chavs in Essex wearing Burberry.
  10. Gerkins, Scots, samething surely? They're all vicious little mountain-men, with strange dialects, a taste for strong drink and filthy lasses! :wink:

    As for chavs, if I had my way, the only thing they would be wearing, would be orange boiler-suits and short shackles.
  11. Don't know what colour the tartan is, but they all belong to the Clan MacHinery. (The V.M.s, anyway)
  12. ... and the tech's is Clan Sman :D
  13. That means VEs must belong to Clan McVe. :roll:


  14. ... and those that are succesful on selection ..... Clan Destin
  15. so good - I posted it twice!!