Is there a Policeman about?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Theres been a lot of talk about how Policemen now have to fill out far too much paperwork for every arrest. What paperwork is actually required then?

    Not a whinge just trying to learn.

  2. I'm not a Bobby but I would hazard a guess that some form of ethnicity report is required for each arrest!
  3. I can remember reading a newspaper article that followed a minor arrest all the way to court. It listed all the people involved the different paperwork each fills out and the estimated cost. There was a lot of forms listed but it did seem a worst case senario, ie they fail to attend court so more forms filled out. That said I do more paperwork in the army now than my boss did 20 years ago.
  4. App for wear and tear to toecaps occasioned during arrest hopefully (but I suspect not)
  5. Having left the "SERVICE" a year and a half ago my memory is starting to turn a little hazy.
    There were over 12 forms that needed to be completed for a crime report (not all necessary, depending on the crime, more with mulitple offender/crimes etc.)
    For court bound paperwork there are at least 19 different forms that may have to be completed, this includes statements. Add to that the paperwork for evidence, all handwriiten work, interview records, custody records, etc.
    Again not all of these always have to be completed, for example i had to fill one out towards the end of my stint that even my sergeant was unsure how to complete as he had not seen one in his whole career.
    Then of course there are some different variations for traffic, stop & searches, etc.
    This list is by no means exhaustive and there is a lot more that i have forgotten.
  6. My twin brother is a pig (it's a joke between me and him before anyone has a go. I hold most of them in high regard!) and the amount of paperwork that they are expected to do is increasing almost exponentially and much of it is to justify thier actions not just the facts of the incidents. And just to add a quick rant. Many of the posters on here have a go at the police because of a small minority (which can be seen everywhere the armed forces included, we have all met them) who give them a bad name. Most of the police a dilligent hard working guys and girls who are doing a job they believe in (just like most of us) so lets try giving them a bit of credit for a largely thankless task. OK rant over. :D
  7. I think this is it:-


    It includes a rather worrying photo.
  8. TEE HEE
  9. Sometimes police have to write statements from a victim, rather than them writing it. They also have to jot it down on a notepad before. They're own statement of them arriving at a scene. And probably more things.
  10. Christ, It's slightly different with South Yorks. but reading that article makes me wonder how i ever managed an above average arrest record. I really am shocked just how much paperwork was mentioned that I had forgotten.

    Doesn't mention that if the offenders are youths then there is even more stuff to fill out. Oh happy days.
  11. So, (having read the article), which forms could be dumped to speed it up? (Serious question, not a p*ss-take). Using the circumcision principal, you can lob 10% off anything!
  12. According to that link there are 131 seperate forms that need filling out.

    There are over 1 million such cases last year.

    131,000,000 sheets of paper = 16,375 trees.

    Have they never heard of global warming then?
  13. I have a (very dubious) memory of a story in the press about one police force that was trialling the use of PDAs, (like you see the waiters using in the smart new whizzy restaurants). The idea being that each piece of information only had to be entered once, and the computer system would automatically fill in most of the required reports.

    Is my memory failing me, or did that go in the "too difficult for the brass to get their heads round" box?

    Edited for cretinous spelling.
  14. Filling out the same details over and over agian could be scrapped, The offenders details are used numerous times.
  15. Oh how terrible. So much letters to write.
    Its called evidence. Instead of bitching about having to do the right thing ask yourselves just what it is that the numerous ranks above the front line (ie Inspector or below) are actually doing? Why is the police as an organisation so top heavy? WHY in the name of all that is Holy are there STILL 43 police forces?

    Why do we still hear these tired old saws about bobbies on the beat/breakdown of law and order/hooligans everywhere? When there are more cops than at any time in history/crime has been falling for 20 years/there have always been hooligans, there always will.

    And have a ponder about how many arrests are actually necessary, why they are quota/target/incentive lead instead of decided by the discretion of a PC. Read your warrants. Does it say anything about hitting targets? To all serving-has a custody sergeant EVER refused to authorise custody for whoever you bring in, no matter how trivial? When you both know its balls?

    It has become a truism-there is no situation a policeman cant make worse. Instead of blethering on, they should take a stand and refuse to arrest to quota-they cannot be ordered to arrest anyone. Its the law.