Is There a piont to 58 Sqdn

:?: [/php]Is there a point for 58 squadron :?:
58 is the high risk search squadron for the whole of the UK. We have not been stood up to 1 hour stand by with all this activate going. There has been search in stansted a stone throw away and we haven’t been called in. This is what we are here for isn’t it :?:  Would it just be best to give it to the police completely?  There are also not a lot of conference searches this year and then the police do most of the work. As it costs the army a hand and a leg to people trained and then not get used, would it better form them to be used out in Iraq or Afghanistan?
If there is some constructive criticism please tell me. Because four words don’t help, does it?

One last thing there is not every enough men or women to cover pager. Blokes are being put on to pager for anything up to 15 weeks and then after that get put back on pager, if there is no one to cover for it. They may get the odd week end off. So basically they can’t get home to see the family because they have to stay within an hour from camp and they are not allowed to drink while on pager. Don’t say I go on tour and I'm away from my family for more than 6 months. The majority would like to go on tour in this squadron. We don't get any extra pay for being on pager. This squadron has a high signing off rate as people are messed around so much. I Know the army does that any way but this place just makes you threadders. :x

Also what does piont mean I don’t know ether?

maybe you should look at the forum you placed this in. 'Juniors' FFS. You are trying to make out you are in some high readiness Sqn and you publish this in the 'juniors' area. No wonder no one has given you any credibility.

He is the junior commander of the tyre store! Oh, rapid reaction tyre store!

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