Is there a piece of music that can

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 6, 2004.

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  1. ...instantly awaken old memories vividly, and take you back there.

    Just wondered, because I'm listening to something I always used to listen to , in a particularly dangerous sh*thole , closed my eyes, and I could smell the place. Really immersive.

    Anyway, just wondered if anyone else had a piece of music that awakens memories when they hear it?
  2. what are you listening to............ ride of the valkyries?..........................can you smell napalm or is that my guts? :wink: :twisted:
  3. Whenever I hear the opening to "Eton Rifles", I automatically duck.

    This psychosomatic reaction is entirely due to an unfortunate experience whilst listening to the same tune at 12.30am on a Saturday night in the Loggy bar of Montgomery lines, Aldershot.

    Fiesta by the Pogues had just finished and, determined to whip the lads up into a frenzy, the DJ stuck The Jam on. As I joined the huge ball of arms and legs windmilling round the dancefloor, someone in the crowd snotted me right on the fcuking bugle.

    Luckily I saw the funny side and spent the rest of the evening hawking red lung butter on to the false ceiling.
  4. Whenever I hear the "Wedding March" - I get a cold shivver down my spine.
  5. Amen to that, next time i'm walked up the church aisle,
    Dear God let me be wearing a wooden overcoat! 8O
  6. Yeah - E17 - Deep.

    Jajce 1996

    No names. Just worms!!!
  7. "Hearts of Oak", thumping out across the Parade Ground at Stupid o f*cking Clock in the morning. Brings a stinging sensation to my right ear from being twatted with a pace stick. Repeatedly. :roll:
  8. Scares the living daylights out of me. 8O
  9. Amen to that as well haven't heard it for the first time and don't plan on hearing it, let alone get anywhere near the church
  10. Whenever I hear fcuking Equinox by Jean Michelle fcuking Jarre I am transported as if by magic back to Basic Training and the gobby cockney git who played it constantly for the first 7 or 8 weeks - until we landed a floor bumper on the tape from a great height and replaced it with Bat Out Of Hell.
  11. "Wet, Wet, Wet - Love is all around", reminds me of The Windsor night club in Bangor, Co Down. It was the last record played before chucking out time, and I'd be snogging my then girlfriend on the dance floor. Everytime I hear it, it reminds me of a happy time long gone..............

    "Wick Ashley - Never Gonna Give You Up", reminds me of my first proper exercise in Germany. We were fortunate enough to have a radio in the CP, and BFBS used to play this record up to 10 times a day, for three weeks. Brings back memories of being a young Airtrooper and not having a fcuking scoobie what I was supposed to be doing, and constantly getting picked on by the other knobs I was on ex with. So I'd 'loose myself' everytime this came on the radio.

    "Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric?", the first ever record I bought. Reminds me of standing outside the Apollo theatre in Manchester, September 1979 and listening to muffled Gary Numan belting this song out (couldn't get tickets for the show).
  12. "Love is in the air".....played right at the end of the night in Cheeks nightclub, with loads of pissed up squaddies trying to dance and hold pints...while impressing the fat ming mong they just pulled...bloody song makes me cring, I just cannot bear to hear it! lol
  13. My Heart Will Go On....... Good my ears bleed each time I hear that now.
  14. Oasis - She's Electric :evil: 18yrs old just picked up spanking new car, racing up the A1 to see the folks to show it off, music blaring,singing along ....Shes eplileptic shes in a family full......B A N G SCREEEEEEEEECH! OH FUUUUCK!
    Had a blow out and ended up facing the wrong way on the dual carriage way after taking out two cars with me! 8O :oops: Gutted.
  15. Bloody women drivers :wink: