Is there a pattern emerging?

Is this emerging pattern something to worry about?

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Since 1997, Neue Arbeit has done, or is planning to do, the following:

Have the bulk of the press on-side for its latest propaganda campaign
Ban private ownership of almost all handguns
Abolish presumption of innocence
Abolish trial by jury in certain cases
Abolish Habeas Corpus
Ban the purchase of knives by under-18s
Introduce emergency powers legislation that make the Patriot Act look warm & fuzzy
Use the Parliament act whenever the Lords disagree
Ban foxhunting (a past-time of a fiercely independent, conservative section of the community)
Devolve as much power& policy making as possible to quangos run by cronies
Treat parliament with contempt
Committed election fraud on at least several occasions
Politicise the civil service as far as possibe
Politicise the police service
Socially engineer through "targets"
Introduce ID cards which will be linked to almost all state-held data about the individual
Place a tracking device in everybody's car

And more...

So, is this an emerging pattern something to worry about, or should I just adjust my tinfoil hat? Are they really trying to get everyone under their control as much as possible? Did we really win the Cold War, or was the Labour party so stacked full of assorted flavours of Trots & commies that they've really won after all by subterfuge?
Not to mention FAS, FIS, and destruction of all Scottish Inf Regiments
Now they're in their third term it can only get worse. The back-bench lefties who lost the Cold War are, like all good subversives, fighting the war by other means.

Extremists on the Left (and as has just been pointed out, look how many of them were in the fellow-travelling CPGB members during the Cold War) are just as authoritarian as those on the Right. And, boy, don't it show?

"was the Labour party so stacked full of assorted flavours of Trots & commies that they've really won after all by subterfuge? "

Er yes.
Still can't find anybody who owns up to voting for them!

Though, in fairness, there was noone else to vote for - and I wasn't avaliable to be elected, or i would have done it myself, i have a big hammer, i could do the job!

Wheres the "we will stay and fight these labour commies, on the beaches, in the pubs etc etc" option ? :wink:
#9 lot are obsessed with communism. It's all a hoax, honestly. Even the God fable has more historical evidence!
Oneshot wrote
"Still can't find anybody who owns up to voting for them!"

I went back to UK just before the election. I saw a mate who is in the diplomatic corps.
Clean out of the blue he asks Name the last three leaders of conservative party before Howard.
Er well there was blah blah blah.
I couldn't and niether could anyone eles I tried it on later.
When conversation had returned to normal he suddenly says name one member of shadow cabinet and position.
Blah blah blah
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