Is there a New Cold War looming ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Vladimir Putin accused the West of triggering a fresh arms race today and gave warning that Russia was now rich enough to respond with a new generation of high-tech weaponry.

    President Putin attacked the United States and Europe for expanding Nato close to Russia's border at a time when Moscow had closed military bases abroad. He said that Russia would stand up to the West and defend itself against US plans to establish a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe.

    “A new arms race has started to unfold,” Mr Putin told ministers and regional governors in a televised address. “It's not our fault, we didn't start it...funnelling multibillions of dollars into developing weapons systems.

    “We are being forced to take retaliatory steps. Russia has, and always will have, a response to these new challenges. In the near future, Russia will start production of new weapons systems that will not be inferior and in some cases excel those held by other countries.”

    Mr Putin also accused Western governments of seeking to gain control of the vast energy reserves that have fuelled Russia's booming economy. He said: “Many conflicts, foreign policy actions and diplomatic moves smell of oil and gas. Behind all that there often is a desire to enforce an unfair competition and ensure access to our resources.”

    The President has clashed repeatedly with the US over its plan to install ten interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Washington says that the shield is intended to prevent attacks from rogue states such as Iran, but Moscow insists that its own security is threatened.

    Mr Putin is also at odds with the West over independence for Kosovo. He pulled Russia out of a landmark European arms control treaty in December after accusing Nato of bad faith in failing to ratify the agreement.

    “Nato itself is expanding. It's approaching our borders. We drew down our bases in Cuba and in Vietnam. What did we get? New American bases in Romania, Bulgaria,” Mr Putin told the State Council.

    In a combative speech, he also set out plans for Russia's development until 2020 in a clear indication that he intends to remain in control long after the election as president on March 2 of his anointed successor, Dmitri Medvedev. He plans to serve as Prime Minister under Mr Medvedev, who is campaigning on a promise to continue “Putin's Plan”.

    Mr Putin said that Russia was respected again after his eight years in power, adding: “I know there is a lot left to do, but the course has been set.”


    personally I'm getting tired of all this sabre rattling crap :(
  2. Is there a new cold war looming ?

    That would depend upon whether you believe the old cold war stopped.

    Closing our mines was a Neville Chamberlainesque strategic blunder. Well done Maggie.

    If the Russians strangle our gas supply then it could be a colder cold war ?
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  3. Is it really an arms race though? Seems more like Russia catching up to levels that you'd expect from a country that size. After the Cold War ended and the economic chaos and government debt defaults of the Yeltsin era the Russian military budget got slashed to within an inch of its life. Now that they're more flush they've decided to rebuild their armed forces to a respectable level that can actually to stuff. I mean, has the US or Europe stopped spending on defence R&D or buying new kit? Then why shouldn't the Russians be updating their equipment and vehicles either.
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  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    At which point Mrs Putin was seen tugging at Mr Putin's arm, saying, "Come away Vladimir. They're not worth it!"
  5. It has 'loomed'. It only went away in the minds of the liberal leaning.
  6. From what I recall it was mostly to do with trying to drag Britain into the 20th century. However, that is not the point. Do you honestly believe that with coal mines still running (even if they were still productive) that Britain would suddenly be self-sufficient in everything else we need. Putin is dragging out this chat now because he wants to divert attention at home from basics, like an absence of democracy and poor living standards in spite of the $100 a barrel oil price that should be raising living standards in Russia.

  7. I recall Jack, the Kent miners leader, and a TV interview.

    The TV introduced a professor. He got to speak. Then Jack was invited to respond to the expert.

    But Jack insisted on asking the expert a question.

    "How many experts, how many professors in your speciality, worldwide"

    The Prof appeared not to know

    Then Jack answered "There are (cannot recall exactly) 107. 6 agree with you. 101 agree with the NUM and me."

    Jack then began to apply Thatcher economics to the argument. NCB was a captive market for suppliers of cables, switchgear, hydraulics etc. Jack had their profits, not subject of true market forces at all just ripping off public funds via NCB, and cited the tiny cut in margin which would have made the NCB profitable ! Simply by the suppliers being prevented from bucking their market"

    I think the TV stuck to interviewing Scargill after that. Our boy could win the argument.

    USA is now close to clean coal technology. The Tower Colliery worker buy out/Glamorgan University alliance also made progress I think ? Eco fuel by combining coal with household waste ....
  8. I would add (smug) that later in the eighties I beat 19 graduates (including masters and PhDs) in all three competitions to win a job in Medical Physics.

    If only all those universities and teaching hospitals had dragged themselves into the twentieth century in order to be able to compete with a colliery electrician of the era eh ?
  9. Indeed coal industry stimulate transport, machinery, automation systems. Last year a big coal refinery plant had been built in Siberia.


    I participated in installation of automation systems on the plant. Scheider Electric's Premium controllers are used. This year the plant will produce more than 5 mln.tonns of high quality coal.

    Btw, I have heard that coal production in the UK fell to pre-industrial level (200 years ago) - 15 mln.tonns.
  10. Hardly suprising, considering there are only a few decent coal mines left in the UK. And most of those don't make enough money (due to cheap imported coal) to employ enough men to work it effectivley - vicous circle I think IMHO,

  11. The Great Game of states which was a couple of decades ago described as the Cold War did get put on hold for a decade or two. It now continues. Expect trouble gentlemen.
  12. Well done you on making something of yourself - and I don't mean that sarcastically. Does that mean that we should have kept these mines - and the poisonous industrial relations that were endemic at the time - and continued to be the sick man of Europe? You were suggesting that if we had kept our coal mines then we in the UK would not be threatened by a resurgent Russia. I was trying to point out that even if we had the mines still (and they still produced enough coal for the UK's needs) that there are numerous other strategic items that we do not have enough of in the UK to protect us from being held to ransom by countries such as Russia. I think it's called globalisation.
  13. Vlad has an election cumin up so a spot of saber rattling won't do him any harm, may even take the voters eye off the way he has FIXED the vote.
    Hope no one is going to suggest deep coal mining, if they do pleases make sure they use their own money and not the states.
    When I was a kid I remember my father, Life long miner (apart from 9 years as a Gunner) , telling me how they where chasing 3 Feet thick seams and receiving copies of from their Fraternal Brothers in Poland who where using Backhoes down the mine to dig out 30 ft seems.
    I understand the Ausys opencast, mine 300 ft seems.
  14. KnockKnee - Arthur took on Thatcher, all she did was make sure that if he tried it she had the logistics to win. I come from a mining background but I never swallowed Scargills crap. He was a marxist who wanted to bring down the Government and bring in a marxist state, his chosen weapon was the miners. Scargill chose the battleground and he set the rules. He lost. He lost because he wouldn't take the strike to a ballot (if he had and won then Notts would have come out) and because he took the men out towards the end of winter when the country had record coal stocks. A lot of good men and communities were ruined by that mans vanity.

    Thatcher beat the miners - she wasn't that good, 'Cardigan Scargill' led them full tilt into the valley of destruction.
  15. MOSCOW, February 8 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that a new arms race had begun, but that Russia would not allow itself to be drawn into it.

    "It is clear that a new arms race has been unleashed in the world," Putin said in a speech to the State Council, comprising ministers, governors and lawmakers.

    "The developed countries...spend huge amounts of funds, many times as much as we spend, on developing weapons systems," the president said adding Russia should show restraint and not permit itself to be drawn into costly confrontation.

    "We must not allow ourselves to be drawn into this," he said.