Is there a more inappropriate time to be reading ARRSE?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dozy Dory, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Came home from work during the week and sat down for the first "civil" chat with the wife for a while, only for the conversation to get round to us splitting up, which has now happened.

    Thinking that it was best to just ignore her for the rest of the evening I turned on the laptop to do something other than attempt pleasant chat in a rather unpleasant atmosphere.

    Silly really but having quite quickly rattled through all the shite e-mails I'd been sent I navigated to ARRSE - just to see if there was anything new - and came across the Tender Tezzies thread.

    When I started shoulder bobbing and whimpering, whilst trying to stay quiet, all I got was "You're on that ARRSE website I suppose?"

    Anyone got any other examples of when it's not really appropriate to be reading such quality (and informative) material as this?
  2. You've split with your wife? Go kill yourself.
  3. No, but now you've split up can you post the personal porn pics of the ex for our delectation?
  4. That's what i was going to ask too, just to she if she's worth one that's all.

    reckon he will? I doubt it though.
  5. Why I am imagining an Isle of Man horror as a result of this?
  6. Ok, not been signed up to ARRSE long but I have been reading for a while.

    Apparently, Jarrod, you are a pufta - surprised you suggest me topping myself, thought you'd see a vulnerable target and home in..... and anyway, no need to do myself in - I'm not that bothered she's gone.

    Dinger, fortunately (for all ARRSE readers) I don't have any porn - soz!
  7. No, but now you've split up , you might as well cave her head in and roll her up in that spare carpet you keep in the shed.

    Go on, if you don't she'll only bang one of your mates.
  8. And you call yourself a man!! Bet you've never even had a FFW in someone else maggot? Is it any wonder your relationship is endex'd...For sympathy try the WRVS, heard their very good at it.
  9. You said "shed"
  10. In other words you have never been married or had a girlfriend for that matter and you're too scared to put up that photo of you and your boyfriend double ending the marrow. Well come on it's a broad minded church here and we could do with the laugh.

  11. Not after sympathy at all - don't care that she's gone. Anyway the WRVS wimmin at my place are quite attractive in comparison so i'll only be teasing myself.... suppose I could find someone else's sleeping bag after spending 5 minutes with them....

    I can confirm I don't have a sh'd nor a need to say the sh'd word!
  12. No, tell her to get the dinner on
  13. Welcome to ARRSE, you complete bellend.

    People like you make me sick. You, sir, are worse than hitler.

    When you and your wife split, did she nick your sense of humour, language skills and all of your testosterone?
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  14. Vulnerable target? Hmm you are no doubt past your prime, any teenage sons?
  15. Could not have said it better....I think he wanted the baptism of fire!