Is there a Low Bandwidth version of ARRSE?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by OldSnowy, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Working now on RLI at the end of a very long bit of string, the new site works pretty well. DII was never going to allow full functionality (Damn you, red Xs!) but on the whole it's fine. Most adverts don't appear, but that's no real loss.

    If there is one thing i'd ask - is it possible (and easy) to produce a low-bandwidth version? Could you set it up so it shows, for example, text only? I ask this because the welfare bandwidth from Paradigm is so low (around 22Mb per day) that it soon goes.
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    An interesting thought and something we'll look at. Having said that, we don't have a low bandwidth version at the moment.
  3. I always get frustrated by sites like ARRSE that keep adding media rich functions just because everybody else is (twitter wtf? ), following the shiny arsed blind assumption that everyone around the World can access the site on a high speed connection or without official blocks.

    Good call by Old Snowy, I have hardly been able to see the site this year because of the amount of bulls1t functions clogging up limited bandwidth.

    More access and usability please and less 'we is down with the kidz'.
  4. Arrse strikes me as a simple, no thrill website, not sure how much less bandwidth would be possible? As asked elsewhere, is there an iPad version in the works that could be made a low bandwidth version, or could the iphone app be adapted in some form or fashion? Just a thought, haven't got a fecking clue about technology, so it may well be a mong comment.
  5. Dunno how much bandwidth it'll save, but you can tell your browser not to display graphics (which, I assume, means it doesn't download them either). How to do that will obviously vary from browser to browser, but in IE it's:

    Tools > Internet Options
    Click the Advanced tab
    Scroll down to Multimedia
    Uncheck animations, sounds and pictures

    When you refresh the page you were on (F5) it will appear without pics.
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Prince Albert - I've moved your thoughts into a separate thread

    Armchair_jihad, I'd be really interested to know what media rich functions you'd like us to remove & where they are?
  7. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    OK, a quick bit on bandwidth. The first time you load an ARRSE page you'll get a couple of large new files - the style information for the site, javascript functions, header images, and then lots of small ones - all the tons of icons. Your browser fetches these from us and it all takes time.

    Your browser will cache these and you won't download them again, unless you remove all stored internet files, use google's cloaked browser thing which doesn't save stuff, or you disable the browser cache. From then on you are only downloading the page information itself (a load of text) and avatars and so on when you first see them.

    So from page two onwards the only heavy stuff are images that change - avatars, attachments and signatures and you can turn them off as described above (thank you).

    The only remaining file is the HTML file that is the page itself - aload of semi-human-readable text. This one in untweaked-form is 151kB. That's big and not good for slow connections, but we have been doing work on compressing it. Most modern browsers will actually download 86k (still too big), and using something we're experimenting with at the moment, it's 18k. Now that is small and should load in 2 seconds on a 56k dial-up modem, but we have had glitches - a server crash on Wednesday being one of them.

    Anyway the summary is, if you don't fiddle with your browser cache, and you turn off the images in your account settings, you will get an OK response from standard ARRSE. Over the next few days / weeks that should becom very fast on just about any connection and there is no need at all for a text-only theme for the site. We will, in fact ROCK, or something like that.

    More information that you wanted? I think so!

    Edit: there is one more fly in the ointment although a very small one. The ads change of course and there are largish files in them. I think that they load after other page content so they shouldn't slow things down. Let me know if they affect the main page loading, and if so I will look in to it.