Is there a life for me in the army?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bobby_20, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm in the middle of a rugby game, got the ball in my arms, I can see the line up ahead, when i get tackled from the side. The t**t hits my right knee, pushing the joint somewhere it doesn't want to go. Turns out Iv'e got to have an arthroscopy to cut a bit of loose cartilage out. But I'm not so bothered about the injury, that happens in rugby. Its the fact it happened 5 days before my letter of acceptance! :x
    Does anybody know if I'll still be allowed in the army because I'll have had an arthroscopy?
  2. I've had arthroscopies on both knees. As long as you can fully recover it's no problem.
  3. Well, i've been going to physio since its happened to keep the muscle strong so fingers x.
    Have you had any pain since you've had the ops?
  4. I had two operations whilst I was serving, lots of people get knee problems. You should be ok, as long as you have fully recovered.
  5. Had an operation to remove bits of cartilage 2 years ago, I had to wait a year for the operation, however 6 weeks after the operation I was back to full heavy impact training. I am now attending physio for the other knee same problem, but they will not operate until it is the last resort, can't win :?
  6. at least theres hope then :D
  7. In a word yes. I had this procedure before joining. And i waited for 3 years for the OP!! god bless the N.H.S. As long as you have proved that there are no problems post surgery you should be fine. I still had to attend a specialist medical prior to selection.
    Knees still going strong , it's just the rest of the body thats giving in :lol:
  8. managing injuries is part of all military training. it is a totally personal thing and depends on how you view your body (is it really precious or an object to be beasted?) and how confident you are in your own robustness. how nail's are you? can you just gris it? how much are you actively doing to rehabilitate yourself and then maintain your fitness? Are you getting all the info you can regarding these issues?

    there are injuries so severe that you will not be able to get through basic training, that is just the way the cookie crumbles. the majority of injuries however can be managed and gotten through if you really want it. it is a question of being honest with yourself!!!