Is there a healthy crisp replacement snack out there?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by headgear, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. As I'm starting to middle age spread does anyone know of a snack that could replace crisps which doesn't taste like crap or vegitation! and is effort free

    I phys regularily and don't do chocolate or puddings or biscuits however i must confess to eating crisps so I'm to try going to go cold turkey on them to try and stop the rot.

    There must be something out there but carrot sticks and rice bread etc don't flick my switch

  2. Tesco Salt and Vinegar rice cakes are good, but unfortunately nothing beats a good crisp.
  3. No chance "Headgear" you are destined to become a fat t**t like me.Cut down on the bread does help: Have a half a slice instead of a full slice. Then you can make up the difference in Crisps :)
    Just accept the fact that there is no substitute for Crisps. Who needs fancy cuisine when there is Smiths, Walkers and Golden Wonder about?
  4. Cake but cut it in half so you can have twice as much.
  5. Yes!!! all the time but unfortunately the older you get the more you spread!!!!! and the more effort it takes to a. actually do phys and b. motivate yourself

    I'm just trying to find an alternative that I won't feel guilty about eating and won't make me fatter- I'll check out those salt and vinegar rice cakes in TESCO
  6. walkers potato heads are quite yummy! French fries aren't bad either
  7. Get yourself a large jar of pickled onions :puker:
  8. A jar of cruncy cereal? Similar texture and mouth feel, no fat.

    They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

  9. shut it tubby

    french fries 95 cals and 0.3 saturated fat per bag
    potato heads 105 cals and 0.5 g saturated fat per bag

    not that i know off the top of my head or owt :oops:
  10. its roundish, fits into the palm of your hand, the debris is biodegradable and is either green or red with many varieties........

  11. KP Skips (Prawn cocktail flavour). Champion!

    Thrombosis, Bah! Won't get me!
  12. Try these, 80p ish from Tesco. All the healthy spiel aside, they are really tasty, substantial and no, I'm not on commission, but I do eat a fair few of them.

  13. Did I mention KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail flavour) ?
  14. Get a Dog. When the Dog starts looking fat, then you know that you're not getting enough exersize.