Is there a god?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_REME, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. The answer is below. It is a bit long winded, but please bear with it.

    The god FAQ
  2. Well that's a pretty persuasive argument. It's got me convinced.
  3. Oh I am pretty sure there is it's just he's a complete tw@t!
  4. Is the pope a Catholic? ;-)
  5. The sites run by a FRENCHMAN, well everyone knows God is English so he is just jealous, bliddy foreign chap.
  6. There, there macagain! - we will leave you to your quaint misunderstanding - no doubt, should you ever visit Cymru (Yr Wlad Sanctaidd) you will find out the truth! ;-)
  7. Damn! Whose name are we going to take in vain, now?

    And it looks like I'm going to have to find another excuse for persecuting people who aren't quite the same as me.
  8. Sorry old chap don't understand the bit in brackets all your vowels and constanants are mixed up on my computer. And isn't Cynmru part of the County of Scotland then?
  9. It means "The Holy Land" and last time I checked Rocky that was in the middle east!

    Besides EVERYONE knows that God is in fact an English man from Oxford, although he sounds like Charlton Heston and looks like a cross between Uncle Albert and Captain Birdseye!
  10. Above us only sky.
  11. Nicely done. :D

    Shame you can't prove a negative, or we'd be away...
  12. Ahh! ... but Cymru is God's country so is therefore de facto the (real) Holy Land. ;)
  13. Yes RSM, and you are He. :D
  14. The Hoff?