Is there a glut of cadet instructors?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ManFluMan, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm beginning to think so. I'm an ex regular wanting to make a bit of a difference and have an influence on the direction of a small fraction of today's youth (cheesey sounding but true). Two emails and a phone message to the local exec officer, one email enquiry to the local service and a request for an information pack from the national ACF site, and no response at all. All my requests have been polite and respectful but greeted with a loud silence. I get the impression from this MB that there is a shortage of instructors - I don't want to visit a detachment before I've had a response to a prelinary enquiry as I don't want to make a nob of myself if they have no vacancies.
    What should I do? Keep trying or give up? :?
  2. 2 Years ago when I applied I faced a similar situation, it took a lot of chasing to get onboard, I sent my initial letter in April and wasn't parading till December of the same year. This involved lots of chasing, and encouragment from a friend who was already an instructor that I was wanted and that it was poor admin on the HQ staff's side.

    Definetlay keep trying, prepare yourself for being able to do very little as a PI (Potential Instructor) but push to start practicing lessons (which you'll have to do supervised).

    As an ex-reg you'll have some great experience, knowledge and skills to bring to the ACF.

  3. just call into your local detachment and speak to the Dc he/she should be able to get the ball rolling, as we always need good instrutors
  4. mmm, very strange. what area of the world are you in/do you wish to join?
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm wondering whether they maybe get a lot of timewasters and don't take you seriously unless you visit a detachment unnnanounced.

    I'm in Kent by the way.

    Thanks again.
  6. Keep trying, or do as I did...
    I looked up on the web yesterday for my local ACF ..phoned the number and was given a contact number ..within 10 mins i had an appoitment to see someone for next monday night..

    I'd like to stress that i applied months ago via the online process and heard nothing ... so i think finding your local unit and phoning is your best bet
  7. i'd go down to your nearest unit and speak to the DC, don't know how it works in kent, but up here, if you phone CHQ they'll usually tell you when the next intake day is or make you an appointment to go down and pick up the paperwork!
  8. ManFluMan

    It is shite, but my experience was no better. Nobody has been able to explain to me why it is that way.

    There is no glut buddy, we need people like you. But if you want anything to happen vis a vis the ACF you have to do the chasing.

    Do you a specific detachment in mind? If not where are you and how far are you prepared to travel?

    It may be that someone here can help out.
  9. PM me and I will let you know the score for Kent enrolments
  10. My advice would be to find the nearest detachment to you and turn up one night asking to see the detachment commander. He or she should then be able to steer you through the recruiting process and make sure you are not ignored or forgotten by County HQ
  11. I'm sure you will hyave made some headway by now. The ACF is a slow moving beast with very few people taking ownership of situations unless they are backed into a corner. The ACF will benefit from your experience, just be prepared for a culture shock. There are some great adults who have never been in the Army/Armed forces and they are great to work with, however, there are some who have spent days/months in the Army and are now wondering around at the dizzy heights of Sgt and treat the cadets like soldiers in training. No matter what your experience you will attend the AITC (Adult Instructors), just go with it, the rewards are great watching a cadet go from a shy 12 year old to a 16 year old junior soldier or even a useful member of society is worth it. Enjoy! I went through the same when I left.