Is there a fund to help with course fees?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by moggy, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. I am wanting to do my A&E course, but will have to fund it myself. Is their a fund that TA nurses can access for courses like this and how do you go about appling for it?
    cheers in anticipation :?
  2. I don't know if the TA have them, but as a reg you can utilise your enhanced learning credits for this type of thing. Try talking to your unit training officer to see if they hold any funds or this type of course, you could even try writing to the QA association, don't know if you'll get anywhere but it's worth a try.

    Good luck
  3. Im sure that the Army would love to fund you through the A&E course, how often would the Army be able to use your skill afterwards? not as much as the NHS would i would imagine. I take it that your civilian employers wont fund the course for you.
  4. It takes thousands to train a recruit, and most will leave before the 5 year point. the army has had 16 years out of me and the course costs about 2 grand. they stand to keep me for another 10 years minimum. they are desperately short of experienced A&E nurses, let alone qualified ones. I would say that represents a good investment for the army.

    no my employer won't pay, I don't work for the NHS. I would never work for an organisation that shite!! (err, hang on a mo, aren't I in the pay of the army!!)

    If the MOD wants a cheap army, which is what the TA is, and it wants to utilise those personell to fill it's skills gap then is it unreasonable to expect them to invest something in that?
  5. I think that you may be a tad of a dreamer if you think that the Army will pay for you to go on an A&E course when they wont see a solid 3 year payback, stay in the TA for another 10 years, whats that possibly 3 x 6 month operational deployments? You have to stay in for another 20 years at least.
  6. Why not ask to do FTRS??? Get signed up and then ask to do the A&E course :roll:

    However, you'll never see blighty again for about 3 years......apart from R&R of course :twisted:
  7. FTRS as what? there are no posts for FTRS as an A/E nurse and if you aren't working in that area already they won't fund your course. the army's inability to place you in your chosen area of work is what stopped me joining the regs. Also all the FTRS posts I have seen say that deployment is highly likely, but they don't say where or when. Call me a cynic but I would see this as being a green light to send you to the crapest place that no one else wants! Thats another reason for being TA, at least you have a degree of control over your life.
  8. An A/E nurse in the regular army would probably only see a maximum of 18 months of operational deployments in that 3 year period, so the pay back is the same as me doing ten years by your reckoning, the regular army gets nothing when you are working in a civvie hospital.

    If you read my previous post you will see that what I am talking about is value for money for the army compared to where it throwns the rest of it's money. I won't go into the ins and outs, it's in my previous post.

    anyway, thank you for your input and optimism but the original question was not for a discussion on the rights and wrongs of the issue(or the ligitimacy of the army's current claim of the one army concept, which this issue seems to prove is just hot air), the question is, is their a potential source of funding, and if so how can it be accessed.
  9. Sarcasim is lost when trying to express it on the internet, we really do need a sarcasim warning device :oops:

    Actually I was taking the pissh but decided to be grown up :roll:
  10. oops, yes, sorry sarcasm does get lost sometimes on the internet especially a stupid o'clock in the morning. I was mildly suprised by the FTRS suggestion!