Is there a device to fold Cornish pasties?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Balleh, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. I enjoy making Cornish pasties for my family but the big disincentive is that I am not at all good at folding the pastry over the top to make that rope like effect.

    Too often the pastry fails to stick when cooking so we end up with an open top thingy. Tasty - Yes, aesthetically pleasing - No, and hell if one is trying to eat it in one’s hands at a picnic.

    Is there a hinged type mould which one can use to fill the pastry and then close to seal it? If there is what is it and where can I get one?

    Any suggestions very gratefully received.

    Apologies if this has been done before.

  2. "Apologies if this has been done before."

    Why would this have been done before?
  3. I usually use the wife, shes good at that sort of thing.

    This thread must win an award for complete randomness.
  4. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    THere are loads of Cornishman unemployed you could see if you can get one on a Sure Start Job Scheme
  5. The good folks of Kernow must be spinning, its a Oggie not rocket science.
  6. Yes.

    But I find that even though I hold the two sides together and twist them, the results are very variable.

    To the point, sometimes of despondency - and hurt pride!
  7. the trick with cornish pasty is to use egg to seal the top but only do it on one side not both, then u have to gently squeeze between your fingers to get the shape u want, that should help
  8. give it up and just stick to pies - Cornish Pies :)
  9. dont be nasty show us your...... sorry wrong thread!

  10. Thank you mog and jarrod.

    I always egg wash both sides. Mistake?

    I do make air holes but I also try to put as much ingredients in as possible. I will try less, but then there may be more pastry than contents.
  11. Wait out, lads, some expert help is in the way
  12. Pasty tips:

    1. Only fill half the circle with mixture, not to full.
    2. on the side with filling egg wash the edge.
    3. Pull the other half over the top and seal.
    4. With your fingers, eitehr crimp or pull out and turn over as if doing a french plait ion bread making.
    5. Once completely sealed, egg wash, then make 2 incision in the top to release the steam during baking (don't egg wash after as this seals the holes again!)
    6. Let rest for 10 mins and sling in an oven and bake til golden brown.
    7. Once cooked, eat with copious amounts of HP sauce and bottle of brown ale.

    Or failing that, watch this go to the end for crimping techniques, bit gash but gives a little bit more info:

    Cornish Pasty
  13. Cornish Pasties with a top thingy??? The crust goes down the side!!. You use water to stick it and crimp it.