Is there a DE QM?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by hurryupandwait, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Just out of curiousity more than anything else....

    Does anyone know of a Direct Entry Quarter Master?
    I have never met one in my entire career! :D
  2. Doubt it. Real DE wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, and ersatz DE have aspirations far in excess of the QM role.
  3. Wasn't Lieutenant Richard Sharp a Quartermaster at Shorncliffe? I cannot admit to having met the man, I'm not that crusty. Does he count as DE being a Sgt given a battlefield commission?
  4. No comment, just saving this for posterity.
  5. I can't actually believe you pressed the enter button after you wrote this b*ll*cks. Are you suggesting for one minute that the position of QM is below that of a DE? More like it is a role that they couldn't possibly hope to fill as they are simply not up to it - horeses for courses.
  6. I can...CBO is in no position to be making commenrts like that given very shakey credentials, or lack of
  7. I once heard that the CO of a certain Scottish Battalion (they recruit from Glasgow and Ayrshire) wanted to give his DE subalterns G4 experience. He made one MTO for a while. Needless to say this experiment was not a success! The said subbie when he asked why there was such a difference between what the books said he should have in terms of petrol, and what was actually in the tanks, was told by the MT Sgt "Oh don't worry sir its just atmospheric pressure!". For a while he believed him. The Emperor Mong was not even required.
  8. or indeed shaky comments, although I do not believe that dyslexia is a bar to successful completion of Sandhurst nowadays.
  9. GG,

    Exactly - horses for courses. The job is seen as one that is not suitable for either 'real' or 'ersatz' DE officers, but as eminently suitable for an ex-ranker who wishes to stay within his/her comfort zone.

  10. have you ever been there?
  11. on a more serious note about quartermastering (not with standing CBO bating) this is a toptic that did the rounds a while back and it was considered embedding an RLC bod in with the BG QM with a longer term view of replacing the QM with a loggie...

    ...needless to say, the arguement was fraught with errors, not least that what a QM in say an MI Bn does is vastly diffferent from a QM in a AAC regt or RAC regt
  12. More to the point, an LE has had a career progression which supports his appointment as QM, after all L/Cpl and Sgt G4 support to line command (not being cheeky obviously i know there is far more to Pl Sgt role)
    C/Sgt (CQMS), WOII again as Sgt, RQMS etc.

    Broad and sweeping i know but when a QM finaly reaches that position he has a full understanding of the demands riguers and requirements of each support role and what is needed to make it happen.

    He can provide a sure and experienced service in order to keep a battalion moving. That is not to say a DE could not muddle through but why risk it? when there is all that experience.

    it makes sense to me anyway
  13. or more fundamently,

    ...a DE is unlikely to have a mate called 'baz' in the GTO's office who can, at 1530hrs on a friday afternoon, still produce a couple of minibuses and a fuel card out of thin air!!!!
  14. Everyone knows DE's are sh*t at golf, what fun would that be on a 4 ball :D :D
  15. Not so different if you´re talking about QM(A) (Boots and Socks) as opposed to QM(T). The latter is arguably the more operationally vital job and requires a more technical special to arm knowledge that a RLC attached wouldn´t have. But the QM(A) is generally seen as the senior LE appointment in a Bn/Regt and comes with a lot of Regimental baggage, again, unsuitable for a RLC bod.