Is there a certain way of doing your laces?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by UKChrisT, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Yes, you probably think im an idiot for asking this but i'm a new recuit and just wanted to ask if you had to do them in a certain way? or what would be the best way.

    Some guys have told me it doesn't matter aslong as you comfitable, others say they suppose to be done a certain way.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Do them which ever way seems the most comfortable.

  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    The only thing i'd say is avoid that funny one lace way of doing them. As in tie a knot in one end and thread the rest through the boot, wrapping the rest round your leg. I've seen a guy loose his boot in a marsh when he did his laces like that!

    (Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but hey ho!)
  4. Ignore him he's winding you up.

    Yes, there are Queen's Regs on this and other aspects of dress. The Regs concerned are called "Ladypart" regulations.

    Next time you're in the TA Centre, ask the Squadron/Company Sergeant Major to see the Ladypart regulations. You're entitled to do so.
  5. Can you still tie boots in that wierd way?

    I would have thought the new boots with metal bits would have stoppe dthat.

    Never did understand the "one lace" way? Always took longer to tie than the conventional way.
  6. Is there a certain way of doing your laces?

    Up would seem sensible.
  7. Here is the (possibly bollocks i.e. aprocryphal) reason why.

    You should tie your laces up thusly in order to prevent Ghurkas slicing your throat in the night while you sleep soundly in the harbour area. Traditionally, they were taught to identify sleeping British soldiers by their lace pattern...
  8. SSHHHHH you! We all know gurkas arn't real! your just trying to scare him!
  9. Ha Ha I heard that one!!! Always dismissed it as utter sh1te. Anyway you could achieve that look without the "one lace" being used.

    My god has it really come to this? I'm posting on a thread about fucckin laces on a Friday night. And whats worse is your lot are reading it! Yes I mean YOU!!
  10. Or tie them in a way that compliments the lace hole geometry of the boot, giving greater stability and support to the ankle when carrying loads?

    Just go with whatever sounds more plausible.
  11. i may be getting wah'ed here but who the fcuk uses more than one lace to tie a boot or is it you dont use any? all the ways i can think of use one lace per boot.

    i'm very confused.


    have a look at this
  12. I use unicorn hair soaked in griffin tears.
  13. Cheapskate! Laces made of the Pubic hair of mermaids is sooo much better!
  14. Use the Combat lacing system in the field that way you can change your socks quicker, use Kings leg in Barracks i.e. one end knotted and then threading all the way up the boot.
    It is a pain in the arse but i beleive that was always the tradition.
    Look up Army lacing in the link supplied by another user, that is combat lacing.
    Or was when i were younger.

  15. seen many a poor junior leader jailed for twisted laces on parade,that was with the old bch boots,laces had to be straght across only,GET THAT MAN AWAY!