Is there a call for a Super League for Super clubs?

With the advent of yet another mega rich buyer that even Ramon Chelskiovitch cannot compete with, things have just gone overboard.
Now we have a top five that can virtually assure that they will not drop any lower and the rest of the premiership will be competing for places 6-20.

So what now? To achieve parity do we flog off all the rest of the premier teams to rich arabs so that we have a level playing-field? And that won't work well as with all due respect a club like Hull is less likely to attract a buyer than say a Forest or Leeds although they are not currently in the top flight.

Is there not now a call to form a super league with say the top six, (throwing in Spurs), Celtic and Rangers, and let them play amongst themselves competing in the European competitions and the FA cup.

Or To form a european super League by taking the above and adding in teams like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barça and so on.

This would attract all the silly money and allow the national leagues to return to a more fan-orientated traditional competition.
I read so many things about how the traditional fan cannot follow his club as he used to. As a youth we went to the traditional pubs, (though not as a boy) wandered up to St James, crammed in the stands, shouted our heads off with the rest, and dispersed hopefully happily at the end of the day after a dissection of the 90 minutes.
Ok for St James substitute, Anfield, Roker, Stamford Bridge, wherever
and how many of us can do that now carrying our lad on our shoulders like Dad took us? It is all consumer football, no swearing in the stands, if you don't like it we will find someone to buy your season-ticket.

Can we get back to a more fan friendly football? Is it possible or just wishful thinking?

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