Is the World more safe without OBL?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Now the World is absolutely safe

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  2. Without OBL it is much more safe

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  3. Yes, more safe bu rather not significantly

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  4. The level of security remains unchanged

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  5. The World is less safe now

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  6. The threat of terrorism will grow

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  7. Don't care

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  1. Personally I think that the level of security has not changed significantly. And what do you think?
  2. Some people's ideas live on after they die, like Karl Marx and Jesus Christ. What was UBL's philosophy again? I can't remember now that he is dead.
  3. I agree. It might have some short-term recruitment value, but beyond that I doubt it will have much effect. Al Queda's last spectacular was 7/7. Mumbai was carried out by a terrorist group affiliated to AQ but separate from it. In spite of what many seemed to believe, Bin Ladin was never a Dr Evil figure running a vast terrorist empire. He was a figurehead and AQ provided training and other support, but they were past their prime. Compare 9/11, Madrid or 7/7 with the frankly pathetic attempts of the Glasgow Airport attackers. Or the Underpants Bomber.

    Yes, the plot to blow up 'planes simultaneously using liquid explosive would have been very nasty indeed. But MI5 and Plod seem to have upped their game significantly since 7/7.

    As I said, Bin Laden sleeping with the fishes might act as a recruiting sgt for the Taliban and other like-minded groups but frankly, if your dumb enough to believe in 72 virgins you don't need much of an excuse to put on a suicide vest.

    Still, Bin Liner was an evil cnut and I'm glad the Septics finally got their man. If nothing else, it might ease the pain of those who lost loved ones on 9/11...including the families of the 67 Brits who died when the Towers fell.
  4. Assuming he is dead, and has been for years now, then it won't really change.

    It depends on what the overriding belief now becomes. This will no doubt change given what the US are now asking the world to swallow, but without proof of identification. It will no doubt come out in the wash, but difficult to say given the lack of any evidence.

    Sorry but can't vote on a fallacious poll.
  5. In the short term, with his followers swearing revenge, the threat will increase, however his death has not really affected anything. Best comparison is Col Sanders. KFC did not collapse and fold when Col Sanders died, instead the franchise continued. I just hope that people like fried chicken more than they like international jihadist terrorism.

    I wait for the bang.


  6. Yah, but KFC was sh*t afterwards. Kens Chicken is better.
  7. You mean it was good before?
  8. In terms of policy reactions all that matters is what DC wants to do and how US voters perceive the threat level. That in turn is largely a function of what they are told by Fox, CBS etc and to a lesser extent the POTUS. At the moment its a happy tale of a notable US intelligence triumph and so the threat of beardie dusky folk has greatly receded.

    After all if you look at the final quarter of the last century Americans died abroad several mass casualty attacks without obsessing on a few rag heads. For those who suffered the predations of PIRA this argument is even stronger. It's only after a great deal of deliberate scaremongering after 9-11 that the threat from a few thousand Takfiri of limited competence loomed almost as large as the massed ICBMs of the USSR.

    An objective assessment of risks was never a part of the GWOT equation. This has led to military actions that have probably broadened the threat of terrorism but even now they are far from existential.

    It is about time we put away these anxieties the larger game is moving quickly and not in our favor. The Arab Spring brings with it threats to our interests and we have been too long distracted by minor threats. It's rather like recovering from a morbid fear of insects that leves one a shut in. It may all seem bizarre in a few years
  9. The world would be a safer place without muslims.
  10. The world is absolutely safe, there will be no more terrorist attacks ever again!