IS the world going to end.?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kaiser, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Really.?
    I think its a load of Bollocks
  2. Much like this thread.
  3. Yes, the world will definitely end, though not on Dec 21 2012. Guaranteed.
  4. At some point in time I expect it will, i don't expect to be around to worry about it though.
  5. Just in case the world is going to end, I'm going to start burning the candle at both ends. I might stay up past 2330 tonight.

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  6. It already has ended. I lost my linnet, poor little blighter. I've buried him on the fire.

  7. You're crazy mad you are. I'm off to bed with the sexiest smelliest dog in NATO.

    Tell anyone I went to bed early and you are toast.

  8. Has anyone ever seen a load of bollocks, and if so just what constitutes a "load". Is it based on weight, or numbers, maybe volume? Where would be the best place to see a load of bollocks, assuming that there are a few loads out there, and would one be expected to pay? Are there bollock load collectors, hoarders even, is there famous loads that perhaps are missing, just waiting to be rediscovered by the dedicated searcher.
    So many questions so little time. :nod:
  9. I'd love to put my shoe up your arrse.
  10. I will try not to worry too much; I have enough on my plate just now, what with the end of the world and the nightmares, not to mention..
  11. Well, Matron and me are going to book a dirty weekend in York for December 2012...... and Xmas in a nice little B & B somewehre in the Dales...
  12. Hey, I live life on the ragged edge.......with some trepidation, I'm a martyr to the pain in me hip.

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  13. I expect plenty of slaughter house workers have seen many loads of bollocks.
    At a guess I'd say 42 kilo' would be A Load of bollocks.
    Best place to see a load of bollocks, a vets bin.
    Payment would depend on whether you're buying or selling.
    Movement of loads is subject to environmental restrictions.
    Happy now? :)
  14. Eventually.
  15. Never mind ...