Is the world full of Pathetic men?

Having already read about men in Zimbabwe complaining about being raped by women, (Gang raped by 3 women and kicking up a fuss)? Then there's this story on the BBC -
BBC News - Teacher Katherine Goldberg groped air steward on flight

Where a 25 year old teacher got pissed on a flight from South Africa and groped a male steward and kept offering to shag him. Granted, he says she mistook him for her boyfriend, but still, why did he take advantage of her - She's well worth one of the puckered star fish!

What the hell is wrong with some of the men of the world today?


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Male trolly dollies aren't known for being hetero tigers - me? I'd have given her the best 20 seconds of my life
What about the amount of 15/16 year old schoolboys who get seduced by female teachers and then go crying to mummy.

Some people just don't know when they have got it good for fucks sake.

As for the steward on the aircraft, legend has it that most of them bat for Middlesex.


The Zimbabwe fella really needs to man-up.

It's a known fact that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.
He wouldn't because his long-term partner Malcolm the CSD was glaring at him from just behind the Cattle Class curtain. Shouting "get off me madam, I don't do hetero" probably isn't in the training manual.
Something to do with prostate massaging I surmise.

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