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Is the word 'Cunt' offensive? Any better names or descriptions to call people?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SpannerSpanker, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Alright knobbers,

    I recently had an altercation with some bint on the basis that i called her a 'stupid cunt' when she knocked beer over me not once but twice in a busy bar. Now i am normally pretty easy going and being bumped into once is something i can deal with as accidents do happen, but when some ignorant tramp does it on the way into the bar and then on the way back you have to say something. The fact she didnt even apologise fucked me off even more, so i called her a stupid cunt, she heard that alright and proceeded to turn round and have a go at me for calling her the dreaded 'C' word and how offensive it was, at which point i pointed out if she was so fucking ignorant to bump into people without realising it and spilling their beer without apologising, then she fucking deserved it. She kept on droning on about the use Cunt to which i replied would you prefer it if i called you a shit licking, father fucking, family cock whore?
    Apparently that comes across as more offensive and things got a bit more heated after that, decided to move on before my secret thoughts of headbutting her till her face fell apart became a reality.

    But my question is: Is Cunt a really offensive word? Seems to be only women that whinge about it and this includes bints in the army etc who i have seen do some pretty nasty stuff thi that once they reach the status of SNCO and above think they are 'Ladies' and as such cant abide swearing WTF? and i guess that while i swear a fair bit myself i dont use the 'C' word unless i am pissed off and i guess this is mostly due to the fact that women have fucking moaned about how offensive a word it is when in reality it is just another description for minge? should we refrain from using it and if so does anyone have some better words or descriptions to call people when they piss you off?
  2. That never happened did it ? You cunt.
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  3. It is a very good word. Short, sharp, shit-hot and ... offensive.

    The art of being insulting is brevity.
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  4. Dropping the 'C-Bomb' it's like Little Boy and Fat Boy rolled in to one of the insult family.

    Any insult longer than 1 word drops in power exponentially per word.
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  5. I just did a little research with mrs ninja. She really doesn't like the word cunt especially being called it at 0830 I asked her why and she said "because it refers to my lady bits" I then called her a whore. This seemed to have the same reaction in pissing her off. So whore is a possible alternative.
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  6. I think it's a nice word.
  7. Growler, rat, clunge, they are all ok, but cunt is still best.
  8. Nothing wrong with cunt but I have been told that an angel dies in heaven every time someone says fuck.
  9. If one is using the word to describe Tony Bliar, then it is perfectly acceptable as a mild form of rebuking the biggest two-faced lie-ing, weaselly, obnoxious, free-loading, sponging, gutless, loathsome grease-ball of a w*nker in the UK.
  10. well feminists say the word cnut is offensive but i dont think the word is after all if someone is a cnut then that is what they are simple.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    To be honest given that female bits are some of my favourite things in the world I often wonder why I (and indeed other hetero. men) use it cunt/twat/etc as an insult, but here's my tuppence.

    It has been said that cunt has a linguistic root with the word cunning, i.e. 'with her cunning a woman gets what she requires' and I think that this is the nub of it. It is not just that a woman is defined by her cunt, reduced to her potentially primary functions (i.e. sex, child birth), but that actually the word also does exactly the opposite it succinctly also describes an intellectual modus operandi which if not practiced by all women is practiced by a high enough percentage to warrant it's discussion/highlight, and has NOTHING to do with the supposéd primary functions of women, but in fact potentially EVERY way they function. In this regard the word is even worse, as it does not reduce women to a couple of basic functions, but rather reduces all their actions to a basic process, i.e. cunning. The implication is that women are absolutely incapable of doing or asking for anything directly using surreptitious means at nearly every juncture.

    There's a further linguistic root which correlates cunning with kenning as in the Scots 'Ya Ken' which relates to the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon futhark with the sixth 'letter' being Kenez, 'A torch' that which illuminates, correlated to knowledge and kenning. Again perhaps a torch enjoys shedding light, but is not used to or indeed prepared to have light shed on it. This would relate to the passive almost hidden nature of cunning, kenning and indeed cunts, unless you're in a strip club.
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  12. no need for thought, searching for that bon mot


    Bang, job done.
  13. Cunt
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

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