Is the winner the one who comes first?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by baldbof, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. According to the rules of 'sticky biscuit' everyone's a winner, with the sole exception of the dnf, who is a loser.
  2. Who provided the cleaners?
  3. Video has gone now, although I'm sure it's on one of those NSFW type sites.

    Then again, did I really want to see slanty eyed bucked tooth fellows banging one off? Or am I stereotyping and confusing the Chinese with the Japs?
  4. Surely an Arrser can beat that?
  5. I suppose Soggy Biscuit cumming first is definately best, however if playing freckles I always aim to get the least amount of freckles as I don't like eating mars bar substitutes.
  6. Shouldn't this be a sticky?
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  7. Wank buckets!!!!! How big are their bollocks?

    Don't they have socks?
  8. Yep, i recon I cracked my first one out 11, im 36 now so Ive been at it for 25 years. Lightweights....
  9. ...and yet you still haven't ripped the head off it....lightweight!
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