Is the US Army really this ****?

Discussion in 'US' started by BuggerAll, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was looking for a provider of rank slides to see if I could get them cheaper than the Corps Museum and I ended up looking at a US website as you do.

    I was struck by this statement:

    *** Please note that we have been selling MultiCam™ tapes to paintball members for many years before the U.S. Army decided to make this their official new uniform. Also note that the official thread colors have not yet been decided on for U.S. Army use. So, do not order these items for active duty personnel in preparation for the new uniform, as they will be wrong. We will update everything when the information becomes available and when it has approved. ***

    I cannot imagine anyone in the British Army ever even considering the colour of the thread used on a rank slide. I find it hard to imagine that anyone else is going to spend time squinting at rank badges to make see what shade it is.
  2. as I am sure you are aware, the US Army takes the word uniform seriously.

    The word comes from the Greek form..

    Some Yanks think our lads, especially officers, look like a hunt society and NOT a military as we have no compulsion to be serious about uniform...unless one is a Guardsman, of course.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry I just feel the need to comment on any thread with the word '****' in the title.

    Mmmmmmmm anaaaaaal.
  4. All that and More when it comes to **** about cut, color, styling, thread colors, etc.

    If the G-1 says Black thread for the Lettering, Dark Blue isnt going to pass muster.

    For Our Desert uniform the Lettering was Spice Brown, but the Ranking was Black (of course exceptions for 2Lt, Maj)
  5. Yes!... yes there are many kit nazis amongst them! Reminds be of a cartoon I saw in soldier mag once circa Dessie Storm I.

    What got me was that attitude can carry into the field just as much.

    Go onto a US mil forum thread about boots and most comments are usual more about if it fits uniform requirements rather than how good the boots actually are.
  6. My Last CSM would even inspect to see that you were wearing the Tan Rigger belt instead of the obsoleted Black Rigger belt. God forbid you wore your Combat Infantrymans Badge in the field. He was death on Non-Authorized (as per AR 670-1) Boots. Helmet Bands had to have Embroidered Name and Battle Roster number in the specified spot, no inked sharpie markings.
  7. So this is a thread about thread? Not an annal about being ****?

    It's good to see that shades and colour are so important, it shows the US Army have fully embraced diversity. ;)
  8. makes a mockery of that saying:

    A combat ready soldier never passed inspection,

    An inspection ready soldier never passed combat.
  9. Is it true that if the US Army weren't so **** about the colour of threads on rank slides and the correct PT kit being worn off duty that they'd all revert to gang colours (Bloods, Crips and the KKK) and start makeing smack in disused buildings on camp?

    PS IVV that saying is complete b0110cks. The better troops are often the ones that, in barracks, scrub up the best. Pride in ones appearence, pride in ones combat effectiveness etc. Just look at the Guards.
  10. Of course they're **** about such things; apart from initial issue, they have to buy all of their own kit, so if they don't get it right first time, they're being hit in the pocket again!
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

  12. Dunno about their army but I spent 5 months on a Turkish USAF base many years ago and was astonished on the number of different types of boots and headwear they could wear.
    It seemes to be as long as the cap had some DPM on it, it was OK. The boots ranged from blk/grn or blk/blk jungle boots, Hi-Tec Magnums to Matterhorns. It was comparable to a British unit on Ops.

    As for the hilarious amount of sunglasses that were obiligatory worn by all . . . :roll:

    That said, they are Septic version of the Crab's; so I suppose anything goes. :D
  13. I was on exercise recently when a RSigs regt tipped up, it was like mix and match at Tinki Max.......they didn't look proffesional or act it, being more interested in trying to out ally each other with the latest bit of in vogue kit/hairstyle.

    I was working with the RIrish yesterday, and they were immaculate, they cut about in a proffessional manner and worked in a proffessional, no mess manner, yes the lads humping and dumping where down to t shirts, but soon as they had finished the shirts and smocks went back on, belts etc and they cut about camp in an orderly fashion not ferking gang strolled about the place like chavs in dpm as some units seem to do.

    They looked and acted the part, as their forefathers did, who fought for months at a time, but could still be better turned out than any other army.

    I think there are too many excuses in our army at the moment about soldiers appearance. There is no need to look a bag of shite in camp, like a lot of units do, with the current fashion ( and one which really grips my shit)for the longest pair of trousers possible without elastics, hanging over their boots and trailing on the ground(as per that naff photo of the new uniform), or wearing the longest smock going and everyone is sooo ferking speschul they have to have their own boots bought as one offs................

    personally i think it is getting embarrassing.

    Now before the outrage bus tips up, i don't include troops who have been in the ulu for days or weeks at a time, but there is no need for it back in camp, whether catterick,Tidworth or Bastion.

    I have spent weeks out and about yet at the first opportunity i have dhobi'd my kit and pressed it if possible and had a haircut as a minimum. How come someone always had a set of clippers in the old days but now no-one seems to, bring back the regt barbers course i say.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think there is a real fear of a Vietnam war style breakdown of discipline which can lead to the cousins being more uptight than we are.

    There is something in what you say. Para's take more pride in their appearance than Gwok Wan does. Even if that's a pride in oddly shaped berets, oversized smocks and belts worn lower than a teenagers jeans.