Is the Unite union the biggest threat to UK economic security today?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jim30, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. Saw this on the news: BBC News - BAA airport staff vote for strike action

    These lunatics want to strike because a 1% pay rise is measly? Try telling that to the millions who've had a pay freeze for years (including all the public sector who've just got a 2 year pay freeze).
    They want to strike because they think its not fair that a bonus of 450 quid was promised if a certain level of profitability was made, and which wasn't paid because said target wasn't reached (they fell short by 3%). Apparently the company should reward the staff for showing effort?

    The real clincher is that 3000 people voted to strike (50% of the membership, not the workforce) and they can shut down 7 airports. These lunatics want to ruin the UK economy at a time when its never been weaker?

    My view is simple - these lunatics are the single biggest threat to UK economic security, and should be treated accordingly. Putting peoples holidays and businesses at stake for no reason other than sheer bloodymindedness is wrong on every level.
  2. I would say unions rate as 3rd biggest threat.

    1st is the public sector, the idea that for some reason the country cannot function with reductions in frontline services or high levels of spending (despite standards of living not rising in proportion to expenditure over 13 years).

    2, the media, talking investment out of the country and causing incoherent and feckless public outcry, plus empowering an economically illeterate opposition. House prices NEED TO GO DOWN another 20-25% at least, as they are still vastly over valued. They need to stop linking house prices, economic stability and economic growth.

    So the unions are in at 3. Public sector unions will be the next lot to cause a ruck but no one in the public nor any political party is going to accept strikes over firing thousands of outreach and diversity workers.

    These guys are ****ing idiots. Hopefully the government will step in and if the BAA appeal fails.
  3. **** off, *******! Biggest threat, what like Banking collapse, recesion, fundamentalism, Tory party, drugs etc etc FFS.
  4. I would say the Unite union is a definite threat to the economic security and stability of the country. It seems to be able to hold our airports to ransom at will, with only a few votes cast for the strike (a minority of the workforce voted in favour of this strike).
  5. Unionism is slowly dying in this country and the actions of Unite are (thankfully) helping that cause. I hope they do strike and piss off as many decent hard working people as possible so they show themselves to be the utter tossers that they truly all are.

    Damn every last one of their eyes!
  6. Do unite happen to live on the same planet as the rest of us? Far higher pay than anybody else in the industry and they are voting for a strike over 1%.

    I maintain the way to deal with these morons is to hand out a massive number of P45s and turn around to the current unemployed and see who wants a job, I'll bet they won't be short of offers.
  7. Bob "12% pay rise" Crow has to justify his salary to his members somehow.
  8. Bob Crowe is RMT, not UNITE.
  9. UNITE are the shock troops of the Labour Party and as such will do anything they can to undermine a non-Labour Government. Should the consequences of their actions be terrible for the country then they are achieving their objective.
  10. They are not the biggest threat to security - big business is.

    1% is crap when prices are constantly going up (1% in 2 years - no pay rise last year)
    No pay rise for the army for 2 years - so you will now see what it is like in the real world when income stays put & costs of living go up (but most jobs don't have yearly increments)

    If you sacked all these employees you would have to pay more tax - then it's the race to the bottom of the earnings pile, which is what big business want's, trapped in slavery & serfdom again.
  11. Did I say Labour party wasn't responsible? There's just bigger fish to fry than Demonising Union's. If you don't know what a Union is (and at a guess, most on here don't) look up collective bargaining, stop looking at The Sun and Daily Mail and realise that Union's are not Pinko Lefties who want to Ban The Bomb, stop women shaving their armpits and read Das Kapital on their regulation 15 min tea break's.
  12. You're quite right, Bob "12% pay rise" Crow doesn't come close to Derek Simpson,

    Derek Simpson:
    Salary: £97,027 salary
    Pension contributions: £27,000 pa.
    Expenses: £38,340 accommodation and subsistence
    Car: £24,480

    I bet Derek wonders how he's going to pay the bills.
  13. Since when has he got anything to do with Unite? @.@ Remember, not all unions are like Unite!
  14. Spoken like a true union man. So you agree with the strike action then?
  15. I don't know the whole fact's so imposible to agree or disagree, off hand no I think it's not the time to strike, however i'd defend to the hilt their RIGHT to strike.