Is the UN Making Darfur Worse?

Similar things happened in Boz. UN-guarded areas were used as admin areas by the Armija until they were over-run by Serb/Croat forces. I remember routes regularly being mined by their own side to encourage locals to stay put. If they'd buggered off, the UN and all their lovely food, blankets and med supplies would have gone too. C'est la guerre.
When I first heard the press conference with the Chief Prosecuter fella with the strange accent (must be a foreign type), all I could think of was this...

Crimes against a Manatee....

I'll get my coat...
Yes, undoubtably, however giving western leaders that "warm fluffy" feeling is more important, they can say to the bleeding heart liberals that they are "doing something". Either go in and kick arrse or get out, not fanny around.
UN kicking arrse?? I visited Darfur last year,to find them setting up an admin area for their civilian staff,down south,and getting so many generators and fuel in(by air),that more essential stuff was roaded,very slowly from Port Sudan.However the poor UN civvy people could only be persuaded to go,if they had aircon etc...Most of the UN ''workers'' seemed to be third world nationals,there for the extra lucre.

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