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Is the UN draft resolution of Lebanon a New Munich Agreement

Is the UN draft resolution of Lebanon a New Munich Agreement?

  • Yes, It is a shameful deal!!

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  • Yes, who care the Lebanese got a raw deal, they are Arab anyway

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  • Yes, but Uncle Sam knew the best and it is reality

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  • No, the Lebanese should never dare to defend their territory

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I am wondering what anyone would make of this deal the US & French offering the Lebanese.

The Israeli who had invaded their country are going to allow to stay and with freedom of all action until the a new internation peacekeeping force are formed and turn up to take over. A good part of it's territory will be under occupation by foregin force. The Lebanese must not fight back at all.

Isn't it sound a bit like what Chamberlain aggree with Adolf in Munich back in '38 or the series of truce which League of Nation bookered for Chinese & the Japanese thoughout the 1930s?

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