Is the UN an invalid organisation?

Mr Happy

How many 000's died in Kosova and Bos (100?) whilst the UN did fack all.

Sorry, that organisation should be replaced or reshaped to reflect the new world order.

I have a few suggestions, cheifly:

Lower chamber - one nation, one vote.
Upper chamber - Nine nations (there is now either a big 1 or big 8 if you follow the G7+1 theory).  The 9 nations are voted for by all the other little nations, possible spin benefits are:
1.  Big nations pay attention to little ones cos they want their votes.
2.  Big naitons are chosen not on the back of whose most powerful (Russia/France/Britain in Security council top 5?  are you sure) but rather by who votes for them so actions are moderated.

If you think through the voting you'd end up with 9 countries representing - probably, geographical areas (less South America who would all vote US) and Africa, (who would all vote Brit?).

Votes every 5 years.
Any organisation with  Libya as chair of the Human Rights Commission needs terminating
It seems that the UN has become more than a bit marginalised recently. Bush has realised that the UN is powerless to prevent him doing pretty much what he wants to as long as the US Congress is broadly behind him.

The UN's involvement in the post war settlement in Iraq will be as much or as little as Bush permits. If it is too regain its credibility it must do so soon. Otherwise it will end up as the talking shop of anti-American opinion which could well become self-perpetuating under leadrship of the French (who are eager to become the leaders of some sort of EU counter balance to the US).

Its too early to tell what will happen to the UN, we need to wait until after the war to find out at the very least. There is a danger of it going the way of the league of nations if the big powers, primarily the US, go down a unilateralist road.

Mr Happy

You make that sound like a bad thing....

Also, "I've not signed for it, no one can prove that I lost it..." - you're not referring to a laptop there by any chance are you????
No, not a laptop. I've never managed to loose one of them, leave that to officers and the security service.

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