Is the UK Sh*t

After serving abroad for 9 years, I am about to move back to the UK, bearing in mind what I have read on various posts, is it worth coming back to the UK or should I just renounce citizenship, and live somewhere I don't pay a fiver for fags and nearly a pound for petrol. That is if I actually get a job, being white, ex forces and having a small amount in me savings, oh and no I can't claim to have ever been racially harrassed, bullied, or in fear of my life, nor have I ever been shot at, tortured or abused in any way by a British soldier who was occupying my country in an illegal, semi -illegal or actually trying to save me sort of way.
Now this might be considered unorthordox but why not claim 'Political Assylum' in the Country of your choice by citing those same point's? As anyone here will tell you with your values and your background your as sure as feck to be persecuted!!!!
Dude, i felt the same, its only cos i 'ad a burd here i came back.

Still wish i fecked off to Canada or New Zealand.

Rule Britannia.


PS, bLiar. you suck!
Quite frankly I don't feel I have anything to offer the UK, I can't quote from the Koran, I really don't know how to get my dead family on the benifits nor do I have a particularly good reason for entry, nobody has ever looked at me in a "funny/threatening" Way. I don't know how to hijack an airliner, nor do I think all "Pigs" (I believe thats the expression) are out to get me. In actual fact I would probably bring money into the UK, not try to suck it dry. I realise this would not allow Cherie to try to hold me up as a shining example of the persecuted masses. But I would be prepared to sign an apology on behalf of Britain for any old atrocity we might have committed, after all France, Belgium and the Netherlands would be better off speaking the same language, and Iraq really was better off under saddam, before we frogmarched down the streets shooting the first born and raping any women we found. Oh and I have booked into my local "Tanz R uz" for the full "downtrodden middle eastern family man (at least 8 kids)" look. Just in case I don't look genuine enough at immigration.
just been browsing at properties in canada, loads a rooms, pools, tubs and all for less than your average terraced drum.drooooooooool

my mission is to convince my in house it wizz that the land of the maple leaf is the place to be.......
Christ this is spooky! Just been having a similar conversation with my better half discussing the merits of upping sticks to either Oz (her choice) or Canada (mine). Obviously Canada will win as "Rusty's" and the other delights of Edmonton are situated there! :D
Dudes, I have 2 years 10 months to go and I am off to any place apart from this pile of shiit.

I am not racist, but I speak my displeasure at the minorities and then, bang, I'm a racist.

How to feel a minority in your own country :roll:
Whoa, this is not how good the rest of the world is but how shit is the UK, somebody must think it's better to live there than anywhere else. Come on last I saw it was flags on every car and the cup was already (coming home, it's coming home). How do I persuade my wife to take a pay cut and still make it sound good??
Whoa, this is not how good the rest of the world is but how shit is the UK, somebody must think it's better to live there than anywhere else. Come on last I saw it was flags on every car and the cup was already (coming home, it's coming home). How do I persuade my wife to take a pay cut and still make it sound good??
Now that I'm out of the firm, the wife wants us of the country. I've persuaded her to wait until the election - If Bliar wins we're off.

Her choice is Australia (we don't have the points for NZ).

Almost every aspect of life down under is better compared with UK. Better weather, cost of living lower, real estate prices much lower, salaries lower, taxation lower (top rate is 43% but no national insurance to pay) VAT lower at 10%, no inheritance tax, cheaper fuel and alcohol.

Selling up our UK assets would buy us a substantial home on lots of acres with pool etc. and buy a business. Check out some of the (Western Australian) property prices for yourselves:

A pound is about AUD 2.55 at the moment - see how much you can get for your pounds.

Not easy to get in though:

Would that the UK had the balls to apply the same standards to those coming here.
if memory serves me correctly, there did used to be a bit of racist violence, docudramed in the flick romper stomper, but have heard thats dried up. most of the gold coast is owned by the nips, not a bad thing in itself, but yeah, go for it, they do seem fairly robust in dealing with illegal immegrants, something lacking over here :cry:
guess there is good and bad with everything, but over here, the bad is outweighing the good ten fold.
Sorry chaps, I love it in the UK.

Maybe I'm too young to have been screwed-over by it and thus become as dissillusioned as the rest of you. At the moment I think it's better-looking than France, friendlier than Spain, easier to walk accross than Switzerland and although the gov't is hopeless we can always vote them out.

It'll'll come... :cry:
I haven't been screwed over, particularly, but I have lived and worked in NZ and Australia, plus have friends in Canada and the US (I did Camp America way back in '94 - but that doesn't really count as working, I don't think).

The thing is that income vs cost of living just works out a damn sight better almost everywhere else.

So far as I'm concerned the UK is only a good place to live/work because of the strong currency and the availability of cheap air fares, which is damning with faint praise, when you come to think of it :roll:
Some of the things to make you want to come back to Britain.

1. No volcanos.
2. No Earthquakes.
3. No Hurricanes/Tornados.
4. People don't normally go around with Kalashnikovs.
5. When there is a general election, no-one is blown up at a polling station.
6. We don't have a President, (no, Tony we don't).
7. We can tollerate having a Family Christmas without killing anyone.
8. You don't HAVE to have private health insurance cover.
9. The British sporting calender.
10. We drive on the correct side of the road.
11. The British countryside.
12. Fish & Chips, a good Curry, roast beef & yorkshire pud'.
13. British newspapers and Freedom of the Press.
14. The British sense of humour.
15. We can laugh at /criticise our politicians and not get arrested or
poisoned (are you reading this Putin)?
16. You can be the most appalling fashion victim and no-one will say a thing.
17. We can laugh at ourselves.
18. British stand-up comedy.
19. The traditional British Pub
20. The BBC/ITV/CH4/CH5.
(they're all better than the rest, whatever your political views).

These are just a few sugestions.

Who'll give their next 5 or so?
I take it "Served abroad" means BGF? Its hardly a bed of roses in the land of the Jackboot.

UK is a great place, Don't like a fiver for a packet of fags? Give up!

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