Is the UK driving you insane?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EEU_196, Feb 19, 2007.

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  4. Pissed off!

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  6. Pissed off to the point of tearing my hair out!

  1. I find myself increasingly pissed off with the current government, beyond words. Its just ridiculous what this country is turning into! Vote on how god damn pissed off you are at Tony feckin Blair and the rest of his gay loving and council tax bummin ho's.
  2. Not wishing to discriminate, I hate all politicians equally. Doesnt matter what colour rosette they wear, they are all lying shits who would sell the country down the river if there was anything in it for them.
  3. More tax because I work Hard
    More tax because I drive a 4x4
    More Tax because I save
    And now more tax because I live in a nice area

    Why dont I just give Tony my bank details and he can take what he wants.
  4. Calm down dear. It's just a matter of time before the revolution, however any journos reading this must remember:

    Bliar and his ladyboy cronies will have their day, as will every other cunt we vote in that we won't like after a bit.

    In my honest opinion we should change the entire structure of government. A full meritocracy with democratic methods should be employed, fucking ASAP!
  5. Ohh a revolution! Sounds like a plan ;)

    But some of the laws they pass, even a 7 year old can see somthing wrong with, e.g. Forcing B & Bs etc to allow bum boys into their homes to sleep and most probably suck cock etc.
  6. The UK is sh!te now.

    Taxed on earnings.
    Taxed on savings.
    Taxed on spending.
    Taxed on every fkn thing.

    This government is total CR@P. Too much money goes on foreigner's, illegals, foreign aid etc. Its about time it started thinking of its own people. If it wasn't for our PC - human rights government wasting all this money on foreigners it would have enough to support our troops with proper equipment fighting for - FKN foreigners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This government got its priorities ALL WRONG - W@NKERS.

  7. Yes I feckin hate this country and all the inconsistencies and unfairness that the Labourfuckwits have introduced. Can't wait to leave for a better place!!!!!!!!
  8. Seriously think about it. A meritocracy is based on a persons actions. Let's say that the vote is only given to those who serve their country in a number of different roles; Forces being one, medicine, emergency and security services, etc. Two to four years service, depending on the type of service (2 years for forces because we're worked solid in harder and more dangerous situations) then you get the vote. Simple!

    Those who decide not to partake don't have any discrimination set against them, it just means that they cannot vote or stand for election (also includes no receiving Lordships).

    Imagine the country being run by a bunch of chaps and ladies who have given something to this country first and with a bit of our attitude on life and how things should be done before being elected. Would be much better instead of just sucking up/off some cunt in Party HQ wouldn't it! :pissedoff:
  9. well thats hardly the attitude to have, stick it out for a few more years and wait for the revolution. ;)

  10. Will i get to play with a gun when the revolution starts ?, then count me in i have a list to get started on.. :shakefist:
  11. sooner or later shite will hit the fan and blair will get seen for the pound snatching scumbag he and his type really are.

    what has he actually done for britain that doesnt involve spending loads of our tax money on ?

    tax is keeping the poor/poor and driving the desparate to commit crimes to live.
    allow the council tax to be dropped and people will have enough to just` barely live in some comfort and give thier kids a better chance at NOT being a scumbag knife welding,pensioner mugging chavs!!

    they keep us on our knees so we cannot move abroad to a better place .F******S

    must be a total shite being in the forces and fighting to appease these knobs,only to come back and be kicked in the nuts for your efforts.

    heros the hm blokes

    polictions desearve hanging
  12. sick to death of this country, b'lair and co have ruined it. as a very simplistic approach to the people that live here how's this for an Idea:

    1. if this country was threatened with a major war (ww2 for example) if you are not eligible for call up or would'nt fight for this country you should fcuk off now.

    2. exemptions for people who would fall into the above catagory but because of age/disability dont

    like I say simplistic but blunt, I'm sure it needs working on.
  13. Forgot to add take all aspects of religion and religious influence, iconography etc out of government. Leave the Bishops and clergymen as those wise old chaps that offer advice but honestly have no power at all.

    So that's serve to get the vote, or "franchise". Religion has no influence. And just to add the Australian view of "get on or get out" should be enforced and adhered to vigorously! You don't like it here then go cunto!
  14. I found somebody laying out there tools, clamps et cetera beside the Cuddles mobile the other day on a piece of waste-ground. I explained to him that if he did not cease and desist I would clamp him...As the legal basis on which most clamping is conducted is spurious at best, he declined a visit to the underside of my Land Rover and promptly fecked off. He did attempt some verbals but as I explained - if he called me a count it was unlikely to improve the chances of my seeing his point of view - he didn't really put his back into it. funnily enough he too was dressed in CS 95 with a reflective vest.
  15. I'm fed up of this country, that's why I'm already saving to emigrate. And I can't wait until I do.