Is the Tory Party finally developing a conscience?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bushmills, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I thought he was fully employed advising some American bank?

    Perhaps he will use the Standard as a vehicle for sour grapes.
  2. I think it is free these days and about as much use as arse wipe. Full of adverts to support it and attempted to be given away at Tube Stations alongside Metro.

    Now the London Evening News that was really a paper you could get your teeth into. Well worth the 5p charge.
  3. I'm sure that nice Mr Lebedev will keep an eye on him.
  4. But only for four days per month, for which he is reportedly being paid £650,000 a year.
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  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    News which should gladden the hearts of some on here.
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  6. The Belfast taxi sector could collapse overnight if they start pulling the DLA cars back in
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  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Odd one in the Markets. Burning cars. No trouble, no parades, no anniversaries of anything. Couldn't work out what was going on. It was over mileage DLA vehicles, rather than shell out for the excess mileage, they were just burned.
  8. A Britain that works for everyone, but only some get paid for it

    Farewell to pay growth - Farewell to pay growth - BBC News

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  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I have some thoughts, if I may…

    Tax: Many countries have lower tax and do not penalise high earners. Earnings are not a fair way of identifying whether someone should pay more tax, they are a lazy way and largely (looking at most countries) led by a tax-the-rich socialist agenda. The more ‘left’ the country (France, Belgium, Netherlands etc) the higher the taxes on high earners. The more ‘right’ and you have Singapore and Switzerland for example. The UK sadly has moved left since Blair era. Interesting fun fact, I have paid income taxes in all those countries.

    Why is tax on earnings unfair? Since I am married and have three kids, my income pays for a larger property, a larger car, school fees, five seats on a plane, five meals in a restaurant etc. Compare that with someone earning the same amount but no wife or kids. I work with them, they drive Ferraris and fly first class a lot more than I do. I don’t blame them for their life choices, they will never retire to know the joy of raising a child or grandchildren but if you want to raise taxes on high earners, there needs to be more allowances for high earners with higher (self inflicted) costs like family.

    I would add here that family is a recognised societal benefit, that’s why there is child benefit. Child benefit should not be withdrawn if you earn ‘too much’. If you want to encourage responsible parenting, then child benefit should be a taxable deduction so you only get it if you are earning. Rather than breeding rats in an estate somewhere.

    Houses. I see no reason to allow second homes not to be taxed the out of. But lets be smart, there’s very little housing crises in the countryside, its all urban centres, so buy to rent landlords on SW London should be gouged whereas holiday homes, perhaps less so. With regards to not-enough-houses, this problem around London at least is entirely due to the most-stupid-idea-I-have-ever-heard-of The Greenbelt. Drop that and people will be flocking to the suburbs and higher quality of living making the cities less crowded, more competitive, rents lower, costs lower etc. Nurses could then afford to live near work if they wished to etc.

    Inheritance tax. Clearly should be illegal.

    Which brings me to tax loopholes.

    First lets get this out in the open, “self employed” is not some gracious innovative entrepreneur – it can start as a salt-of-the earth income but it ends up as a tax dodge. I’ve been self employed, it allowed me to work on short term jobs, earn more than perm staff and receive my income as “dividends” at 20% after I had written off everything I could. Contract nurses, teachers, plumbers, electricians, IT consultants, black cabs all do 8-12 hours a day like you or I but they pay less tax. I’m a big fan of writing off “stuff for work” like tools, uniforms, black cab rental but lets not kid outselves that the income received as dividends is anything other than an insult to anyone on PAYE.

    With regards to Corporate tax, the offshoring of earnings (eg Starbucks UK) needs to be controlled. If it makes you feel any better, Rolls Royce takes their income from the US to the UK too. Just as Starbucks takes it from the UK to the US. BMW takes it back to Germany and so on. It’s a global standard. If you earn money in Spain as a bar tender do you expect the money to stay in Spain or do you want to bring it back a the end of the season? Foreign firms coming over here, selling goods we buy, employing local staff and then taking the profits home for their shareholders? Like the East India Company paid the Raj… It’s only an argument for people that don’t understand tax or the global economy. But I am OK for more local-earned taxes but remember, all those jet engines going into Boeings will be taxed by the US or China before RR gets any money into the UK, which will impact your shares, funds and pensions…

    Just before I close, let me bitch a little about this rich bastards screwing over the proles. Lets accept that there are leaders, dedicated workers, ethics and talent. An extreme of one or a combination of two, three or all four of these will bring people to the top where they will receive an income for that. The ability of someone to have one of those, lets pick ethics, means that they will always be judged and dealt with as a good person, they will be successful for that in as far as the market will take them. You cannot make ethics more important than hard work or talent. I consider myself an ethical person, but nobody is going to come and listen to me play the piano. The market will decide. Calling successful people rich for having extremes or one of those or all four in a reasonable amount is as morally acceptable to me as taxing people for colour, religion or anyone more because they don/t exhibit those four traits. The fact that the tories recognise this and labour doesn’t is realism.

    To the original tory-heart post. If the tories ignore people lacking in one or two of those in preference for what they bring with the other two is a market function. Every five years (ish) that’s a choice handed to the electorate to decide if they approve of it. There really doesn’t have to be a winning formula for the rest of time, it should be changed based on the situation. 1944 Churhchill was doing the right thing, however his social values weren’t what was wanted in 1945 so out the Tories went and in came Labour (their second ever win since 1929 which was their first according to wiki). Sure the Tories need to do better but at their heart, they want IMHO what is mostly needed by the country most of the time, Labour is a series of pipedreams it all up.

    Sorry for the rant. Looking forwards to the fall out.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
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  10. Whilst I agree with some of your post, I'll take issue with housing in rural areas. Thanks to well off people buying second homes in the country, it's become difficult for those born and raised there to afford to live where they work. Try buying a small house in the Devon countryside for instance on a rural wage. To fibre a tax break to part time residents will end up hollowing out the rural areas, as is already happening. A hefty surcharge on the purchase of second homes in rural areas seems a reasonable solution..
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  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    OK, good point. In my mind I was thinking of the drain of the populace from places like Scotland. Maybe a good solution would be if local councils could set taxes on second homes in accordnace with their needs and supply and demand. Deal?
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  12. Nice idea, but I think I see a flaw in your plan:

    Give local councils an opportunity to raise more cash and what you'll have is some very well paid councillors!
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  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The problem is I always assume our elected leadership to be as ethical as I am - doh!
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  14. No! this is just a lie for anyone stupid enough to believe it. The Tories will carry on thieveing from the British tax payer, whilst at the same time sending any upward mobility gained by the working classes back to the time of Charles Dickens.
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