Is the Tory Party finally developing a conscience?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bushmills, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Forget the conscience. They may well be in deep poo over election expenses. What is it about right wingers and buses?
    The millions for the NHS, Boris promising wrightbus a deal for London Transport and now the conservatives marginal seats battlebus.
  2. Irish Passports are great. My first job in Afghanistan was as CFO of a French NGO and I had a choice of three passports under which I could work; namely Brit, Aussie and Irish.

    I decided to work under the Aussie one. However, this coincided with the Cronulla riots which was reported in the Arab world as "Aussies hate Muslims". The Aussie flag on my desk went down and was replaced by the Irish Tri-colour pretty bloody fast.

    Subsequent tours were as an Aussie Gov't Official so I didn't have the same latitude. However, I'd advise anyone travelling to dangerous places to use an Irish passport if they qualify.

    Edited to add, Irish diplomats tend to have incredible social skills compared to the Aussies and Poms and I've seen a couple of instances where they've extricated their citizens from the brown stuff, based on personal rapport with representatives of the host government.
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  3. Based upon what evidence?

    The Daily Wail?
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  4. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Well that's lovely. Holding off on the tax adjustment for a bunch of self employed, smug spar franchise operators, cleaners, hairdressers and accountants. On the the grounds that they might vote Conservative.

    Particularly good when the self employed cleaner scam (with tax credits and housing benefit) turned out to be visiting people in our country cleaning each other's houses.

    We can't have that, carry on taking advantage. Meanwhile there's the feckless poor to pick on from April.
  5. Unlimited fines for bulk burying ticket touts - Unlimited fines for bulk buying ticket touts - BBC News

    A well intended policy from the Tories. No place for ticket touting in my view, it literally adds no value to the economic activity

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  7. I think so. Certainly reads like a DM Express comments section.
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  8. U-turn over Budget plan to increase National Insurance - U-turn over Budget plan to increase National Insurance - BBC News

    McDonald gave them a bit off kicking in the commons it seems.

    Be interesting to know what will be cut/ tax raised to plug the finances of this cancelled policy

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  9. We just may be getting a mini General Election somehow this year after all...

    Election expenses: CPS probes Tory claims

    24 forced by elections all Tory seats. Has the potential (but it unlikely as Corbyn is an absolute knacker) to wipe out the Tory majority in the House.

    Some bad scenarios can be spun from this getting Brexit done if that Majority is reduced.
  10. As you have alluded to, I can't see labour capitalising on this. This could have been a golden opportunity for ukip, but in my view, they have gone backwards since brexit and farage standing down

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  11. Not boding well for the Tory's..

    Conservative Party fined £70,000 over election expenses - BBC News

    Pretty much bolted on we will be looking at charges and by elections going forward.

    Mind you they deserve it, these people make the laws you would think they would know how to observe it.

    The highlight will be if Farage wishes to stand again in Thanet...

    Edit to add.

    One By Election anyway....

    Tories Fined £70,000 | Treasurer Faces Charges | Thanet Could Be Re-Run - Guido Fawkes

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  12. Rather unlikely to be by elections from this.
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  13. Merely a small accounting error.No doubt all the missing money is just resting in some Tories off shore bank account
  14. As I understand it now wrongdoing has been found it hinges on a Court challenge from an interested party who potentially lost because of the abuses.

    In most of these places it would be a waste of time and money and the Tories would be a straight shoe back in. Farage though is the unknown factor.

    The Tories committed the abuses to keep him and other UKIP potential MP's out of Parliament. He may take the view he still stands a pretty good chance in Thanet and decide to enact the procedure and stand again.

    He is on LBC at 19.00 this evening so we may learn more then....
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