Is the Tory Party finally developing a conscience?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bushmills, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Don't forget about 8 million have applied for Irish passports (fair one) or some sort of currently non existent EU citizenship - So weve got 8 million leaving there.

    Then theres all the Eastern European types fleeing the UK because apparently were all racist since brexit and they are terrified to be here

    So by my reckoning that's between 53 and 58 Million remaining in the UK, So only 13 million to lose to get down to a sustainable 40 million** Now by encouraging emigration a certain German chancellor achieved that in 3 years back in the 1940s So by 2025 theres no reason the UK cant have a more sustainable population

    **Eating less meat and stop feeding cattle corn esp dairy cattle and it has been estimated the UK could feed 50 million but current techniques aren't sustainable 40 M seems more viable (no petrochemicals used except perhaps diesel)

    Edit serious note Chinas 1 child policy has caused a major demographic problem - the ending of the policy reflects that more than it does concerns about population growth

    Edited mong sentence -
    Even had the Nose like a 40 tonne snowplough not attracted unwanted attention - the mentally deficient sentence structure would have seen me emigrating courtesy of Zyklon airways in 1943
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  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Osborne's populist strafe on BtL means fewer houses to rent and that's a curb on job mobility. In university towns there is a ready stream of people doing masters etc who want to rent for a year because they don't now where they will be going next. Also many people taking any sort of new job want to rent until they know their new job is reasonably safe, or they want time to get to know the area before they buy. Some of these people need to rent out their existing property at that sort of time. Deterring private investment in the BtL market can only create a shortage and push up rents.
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I'll get mine (the Irish passport) in the new year, the British ones good for a while yet. But I'm staying unless the new Sinn Fein Govt sorts out a reasonable Brit resettlement programme. It's going to have to be good enough for an apartment on Las Ramblas. Otherwise I'm staying.

    As for the support your local Nazis I'd probably have been clipped on the T4 programme.
  4. It is not the governments place to say how much property a person can own.
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  5. Dodges the question again.

    Next you'll be saying its not the government's place to tell someone how much drink when driving or how much tax to pay on certain financial products.

    What a tedious individual you are

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  6. What question? There was not a single question in the post I quoted.
  7. You debate like a pendantic toddler, I'm not going to waste anymore skin cells on my thumb on you

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  8. You ask people to answer questions you have not given.

    If in doubt make a series of statements then scream at people for not answering the questions you did not ask.
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  9. Classic Tory boy. Avoid the difficult questions and act obtrusive

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  10. d
    Well considering he is employed owns his house, I suspect that's correct.

    Whilst employed I paid close to 2.5k a month tax, plus NI. I earned significantly less than my good mate the plumber who topped 100k, yet I paid treble his tax. Plus the NI I paid in one month would last him 10 years prior to this budget.
  11. Cool story

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  12. Are you serious that eight million Brits have put in for Irish passports?
  13. I meant 8 mil for Irish and mythical EU passports

    But No I wasn't serious - Its a million or so possibly - However if social media is an indication everybody who voted remain will be leaving post Brexit - mind you most were leaving if we got a Tory Government and they are still in the UK so perhaps not really going to happen.
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  14. Whether those figures are accurate or not, I wouldn't be surprised to find that a majority of those applying for Irish passports are not leaving the UK at all but are actually just applying for Irish citizenship to maintain their access to the EU.

    You can if you meet the conditions hold joint citizenship which means you can have a UK passport and an Irish passport. As a citizen of both countries, you would still be able to permanently reside in the UK without any questions.

    My fathers side of my family are Irish and I've considered doing this. The only reason I haven't done so yet is because I'm not sure whether I would actually use it.

  15. I know Twas a joke - you did read the rest of that post I take it - I'm pretty sure it was clear the whole thing was tongue in cheek - however to be on the safe side I wasn't seriously suggesting utilising Adolfs** population control members.

    **However tempting it may be to apply to Pikeys, chavs and Folk** that actually say lol

    **Edited pre VB smiting