Is the Tory Party finally developing a conscience?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bushmills, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. I've been reading a bit in the Australian and British press about the "shared society" concept, espoused by Theresa May. On the face of it, it appears to be a significant paradigm shift from previous Tory leaders and I'm happy to see a bit of humanity and common sense coming back into British politics. My obvious question, is whether it represents a genuine change of stance or is just cynical spin doctoring?

    What does Theresa May's 'shared society' really mean? | Coffee House
  2. No.
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  3. It's a big lie. Soundbite up there with brexit means brexit
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  4. When she's ready I have a lengthy list of wrongs that need righting and many are cheap as chips.

    I don't think I will stay up waiting for the call though.

    Unusually balanced Spectator article though.
  5. The Tories are trying to snaffle up as many Labour votes as they can in order to kick the lefties while they're down. All the more power to them.
  6. NO

    They have squeezed societies balls too hard and are now gently brushing them off and backing away hoping we go away/don't notice our throbbing gristle
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  7. No and nor should they.
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  8. If only Jeremy Corbyn was PM. Things would be so much better.
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  9. We have £4 trillion of unfunded debt and liabilities - most of it social welfare provisions, and most of that on population estimates that are quite possibly 30% low.

    Most of our GDP is spent on various forms of social welfare. To pay for it, we've had to substantially dismantle our armed forces and sell off any state asset that doesn't have "NHS" in its title.

    To fund our state's minimum monthly credit card interest payments, we have crippling levels of tax. Despite this, if you actually want to use a taxpayer-funded state service, you usually find that you have to pay again a second or third time.

    Government has "squeezed societies balls" so hard that about half of Europe and most of the rest of the world are flocking to come here because life is much more cushty than in their own countries....
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  10. So hard, in fact, that most of us haven't even noticed.
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  11. Oh for goodness sake. The Conservative Party (just like the Liberal Democrats, Labour, UKIP and all the other political parties that aren't completely off the planet) already has a conscience. They just don't prattle on like the Greens as if they are the only truly conscientious people out there. The way the title question is framed assumes that all Tories are evil basterds wearing a top hat and twirling a moustache, which is not only a little childish, but also somewhat insulting to the intelligence.
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  12. I want a government that has the balls to do what needs to be done, not worry about reassuring people.
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  13. Which is why most are taking the piss on the thread.
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  14. Cannot say I have noticed anything myself.

    Tax threshold has increased so more money goes into my pocket. I cannot see a downside to that one. Prescription charges had a slight increase I will take that on the chin.

    So those are two things that have affected me and one is more money whilst the other is not sending me into the poor house.
  15. FFOC.
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  16. If you believe in the NHS then you'll have your answer.
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