Is the term Chinky racist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Haven't got the link but on BBC spotlight tonight there was a reference to a young offender who had grown up being ' fed on chinkys". What will the PC CO****KCERS make of that?
  2. im going to blow myself up because youve said that.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it is. If I said it, or anyone else in public service (including the newly uber PC military, and in front of a 'values and standards' trained Orifice), we would be suspended pending a review and then no doubt sacked.

    Then again, if some 'vulnerable' scrote said it, no doubt he would qualify for a holiday in New Zealand or somewhere suitably expensive enough so as to 'help him' and then get a nice lenient sentence after his next offence.
  4. This is the same BBC News that recently had a piece on the fire in the Channel tunnel and described Eurotunnel Ltd. as 'a financial success story'. :roll:
  5. Context and audience.
  6. Useless fact No: 5441: The Wops in Germany (and there are a few of them) call themselves "Chinks".

  7. it is racist, but the guy was a scots chav. what else would you expect? :?
  8. "Is the term Chinky racist?"

    Dunno - ask the Polaks?

  9. I just had a chinky...............................not sure wether that is racist or sexist.
  10. The BBC editor allowed it to be broadcast. I can't stand the PC brigade myself.
  11. Depends on whether who you're saying it to find's it offensive.
  12. the way the law defines racist is "if any person who hears a comment or witnesses a gesture determines it to be racist, then it is racist"

    in other words any t**t can twist things around to scream racist

    personaly Im not racist myself, I hate everybody equaly
  13. Dunno the answer to the question one way or the other, but I've decided what I'm having for dinner.
  14. I live in Thailand.
    Thai's are very polite.
    I am assured by friends, long term in Thailand that the Thais have an insulting word for every foreign race they encounter.
    and if John had just had a chinky it would not be racist.
  15. 'I'm off down the Chinky's for a take-away. Do yer want anything? <DEFFO NOT RACIST!>


    'I'm off down to that yellow halfbreeds food poisoning and dog butchering outlet to call him a slitty eyed yellow commie bastard sub human and reccomend he fuck off back to Chinky Chong land or where ever he came from. Then I'm going to have a row with the immigrant bloke about my order, and then after leaving with my order, kick over the delivery driver's bike outside' <PROBABLY RACIST!>