Is the temptation of Ebay and easy pickings too much?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Eddwurst_mit_mayo, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. It has always gone on, scrap metal was always a favourite for beer money. Landrover parts always went missing as did doss bags, the odd 12 x 12. If temptation is there someone will take advantage. The only thing when I was in it was sold to the local garage or surplus shop not on ebay.
  2. Deleting Ebay account now.

    Damn, nearly had the reserve price for that Iraqi Anti Air Gun I "Found" outside RHQ.............
  3. Some of the people selling kit are a bit thick though. I saw an SA80 advertized on fleabay some years ago, muppet claimed it was a deact, hmmmm, MOD Pol were most interested to see a not not welded up 'deact' SA80 for sale, they were even more curious when they saw it was an A2...
  4. I suppose that with the access to the internet being so easy and the proliferation of such auction sites, it has never been easier. I do recall one Staffy at my first unit selling a couple of skips of scrap. The recipient was even admitted to camp to collect them. Sufficed to say he was rumbled, but got away with it because he had 'donated' the money to Wksp fund. He ended up as a WO1.

    I wonder why Sgt Gardiner isn't being dealt with by way of a courts martial. Is this due to the amounts involved?
  5. Sounds like a right amateur, what sort of dipstick sells Land Rover tyres and wheels, gas masks, helmets and operational ration packs (gas masks eh?) and only makes 2k? Blackbushe market is the way ahead for "surplus" military equipment and there is no paper trail leading back to you once the item is sold.
    Nice touch that the account was in his mother-in-laws name though.
  6. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    i recall a conversation with a TSA on the ranges at Warcop on the subject of kit on ebay. He told me there and then not to buy any mil kit with a seller up in the North East as there was an investigation on, that was 2 years ago. He was well aware of what was going on so, i assume were the powers that be..

    ps not all sellers in the north east are dodgy only the ones who don't put genuine SAS/SBS/Para/RM in their description. ;)
  7. Trouble is, the filth know that Blackbushe/Ingliston/The Barras/any Sunday market is a hotbed of stolen and counterfeit goods, and regularly trawl these places. Landy parts will sell quite easily via small ads in low volume rural freesheets. Use a payg sim charged only with cash in a supermarket that is some distance from your regular one, ideally, on the way to your auntie's house.
  8. I thought we didn't discuss ongoing cases?
  9. Thats because old bill are as entitled as anybody else to pick up a bargain.
    Unless they have a specific target (someone who doesnt give them refund for example), I doubt they can be arsed nicking people, I also suspect someone grassed Sgt Gardiner up rather than the RMP monitoring Ebay, nothing he sold (including the rations) is hard to get hold of legally.
  10. Why is he said to be a 'Decorated' soldier, has he a Gallantry medal or a MID?
  11. My bold. I think that the RMP have an Ebay monitoring department, but unless the items are serialised I would imagine that it would be difficult to prosecute, unless there was heavy evidence.